NBA DraftKings Pick6 Plays for 2/23

Feb 23, 2024
NBA DraftKings Pick6 Plays for 2/23

DraftKings recently released their newest game called “Pick6”! It’s a peer-to-peer pick’em app where you combine multiple plays with significant upside. There are some unique twists in this game that make it much different than a regular pick’ em app.

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I’ll be highlighting some strong plays for tonight’s NBA slate. Before we dive in, a brief spiel on the payouts and how you can win insane prizes if you outsmart the rest of the field. If you got 6/6 picks right on the Super Bowl, you won 200x your entry! That type of upside is unmatched.

DraftKings Pick 6 Payouts

For example, a 5-Pick NBA contest with a $10,000 total prize pool may have the following prize structure:

  • 5/5 Correct Splits $8,000
  • 4/5 Correct Splits $2,000

In this example, if the contest ended with 320 entries having 5/5 correct, each entry would win $25 ($8,000 / 320 = $25). If you had 2 entries in the contest among the 320 winning entries, your total prizes for the contest would be $50 ($25 x 2 = $50). You can win much more if the contest ends with just 100 entries getting 5/5 correct and could win less if, say, 500 entries get 5/5 correct.

If you want to learn more about basic rules and strategy, check out my evergreen piece.

DraftKings Pick6 NBA Plays (2/23)

For these breakdowns, I’ll be leaning a lot on our current NBA analysts at 4for4, the tools at Unabated, blended projections, and taking advantage of market differences. In general, I want to lean on playing a bunch of unders here since I think that gives us the most edge in the peer-to-peer aspect of the game. People naturally gravitate toward overs and betting on things to happen, so taking mostly unders could give us an edge.

Bam Adebayo under 36.5 Points, Rebounds and Assists

Aggregate projections show this as the biggest edge toward the under. He is riding a hot streak of going over this number in three straight games, but if we zoom out, he is only averaging 31.7 in his last 10 games, going under in 7-of-10 games. New Orleans does a good job closer to the rim, which is where Bam thrives. The Pelicans are top-10 in multiple metrics at defending near the rim.

Devin Vassell under 30.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

I expect the over to be very popular here after scoring 32 points alone last night. He is now playing his second game in a back-to-back and plays the Lakers. Projections have him closer to 28 here. He has played the Lakers twice this year with mixed results. He went off in one game but struggled a lot in the first game against them. Again, this is more of a game theory play than a straight matchup play.

Jerami Grant under 30.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

The Nuggets are nearly 10-point favorites here against the Trailblazers. There is real risk of a blowout here, so that provides an out for this under right off the bat. Aggregate projections have Grant closer to 27 total PRA. He has gone under this number in 12 of his last 20 games and is averaging just 26.7 PRA, even with a 63 PRA game mixed in there.

Brandin Podziemski over 1.5 3-pointers made

Podziemski has made 2+ 3-pointers in five consecutive games now and is shooting more of them than he was before, averaging 5 attempts per game. Charlotte allowed the 7th-most 3’s per game as well meaning he could keep firing away here.

Start playing now to get a stress-free $50 when you play $5!

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