Wide Receiver vs. Cornerback Matchup Analysis: Wild Card Weekend

Jan 08, 2021
Wide Receiver vs. Cornerback Matchup Analysis: Wild Card Weekend

We have entered the playoffs. According to the NFL, it's a super wild card weekend (I'm still trying to figure out what that means). Is it because they added one more game to each day? Well, be prepared to kiss your family goodbye and settle in for a full weekenf of playoff football. All of the teams in the playoffs are talented. However, that doesn't mean there aren't matchups to take advantage of.

Below is a chart detailing each wide receiver versus cornerback matchup for the wild card weekend. Target rates, cornerback yards per target and reception, catch rate allowed, yards, and fantasy points per target allowed. We now know which corners to target. We also know have which secondaries to target and will also use our own knowledge of how good or bad the cornerbacks are. The two most important columns are fantasy points per target and the last one (+/-), which indicates whether the matchup is an upgrade or downgrade for the receiver (N indicates a neutral matchup).

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After the chart, I also provide key notes such as veteran receivers that will square off against rookies, how a wide receiver matchup might affect the team's tight end, etc. There are some key injuries to watch throughout the rest of the week and this chart will be updated to reflect breaking news.

Super Wild Card Wide Receiver vs. Cornerback Matchups

Note: An asterisk (*) will indicate WR or CB plays outside in two-wide sets. A double asterisk (**) indicates a rookie receiver to potentially take advantage of. N' in the Upgrade/Downgrade (+/-) column indicates a neutral matchup. Click the header to sort. Outside of shadow situations, LWRs and RWRs generally match up with both outside cornerbacks over the course of a game, as almost every wide receiver moves around the offensive formation to varying degrees, and almost every defense plays zone coverage on at least half of its snaps.

M/U = aFPA ranking vs. WR. Tar % = targets per snap in coverage. C% = catch rate allowed. YPR = yards per reception allowed. YPT = yards per target allowed. FP/T = PPR fantasy points per target allowed.

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