NFL Draft Prop: Alabama Players Drafted in the First Round

Apr 08, 2020
NFL Draft Prop: Alabama Players Drafted in the First Round

On DraftKings sportsbook you can bet on how many Alabama players are drafted in the first round with the over/under currently set at 5.5 with the odds of -103. There is value in betting the over.

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Alabama Locks to Go Round One

QB Tua Tagovailoa Over/Under 3.5

I will print this article out and eat it if Tua doesn’t go in round one. He is the favorite to be the second offensive player off the board at -150 and the only questions is whether the Dolphins or Chargers trade up to three or if he falls to Miami at five. I like the Lions to move back, adding value to Tua's draft slot going under 3.5.

OT Jedrick Willis Over/Under 8.5

Willis is a top-four tackle in this draft class with many feeling he is the best right tackle in the class. His floor is thought to be the Jets pick at 11th overall and he is ready to start day one in the NFL. He is a first-round lock.

WR Jerry Jeudy Over/Under 12.5

Another first-round lock, Jeudy is another player that could go to the Jets at 11 overall and has the absolute floor of the Eagles 21st overall selection.

WR Henry Ruggs Over/Under 14.5

There are three teams who will look hard at the all-world athlete in the Jets, Raiders, and 49ers. His speed and athletic profile, combined with polished route running and ability after the catch will have Ruggs as a first-round lock.

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Should Go Round One

Xavier McKinney Over/Under 24.5

At 24.5 we start to get on the bubble of first-round locks, but McKinney should be considered close to a lock in the first round. The versatile playmaker is set at -200 to be the first safety off the board and could find his name called as early as 19. If you think a safety is going in round one, you should think McKinney is going round one. The Dolphins at 25 are said to be interested in McKinney, which is why his number is set at 24.5, which is closer to his floor draft spot than his ceiling. McKinney will be a first-round pick and there is value in his under 24.5

CB Trevon Diggs Over/Under 27.5

Diggs is the biggest question mark of the bunch and the player you need to go in round one to win the bet of over 5.5 Alabama players in the first round. He is a top-five corner in the draft, at one of the most premium positions in football, a position teams are desperate for more talent in today's pass-happy game. Diggs is where the real value of this bet comes into play. If you bet the over on Alabama players at -103 on DraftKings Sportsbook you can shop and find Diggs going in the first round on other books at +205. You can risk half your wager and have a risk free bet on the Bama over.

Unlikely To Go Round One

EDGE Terrell Lewis

Lewis is a consensus second-round pick right now, but his positional value could always shoot him up to late round one. He is the guy you would need to go round one if Diggs falls out for you to win both over 5.5 Alabama players drafted and Diggs falls out of first-round bets.

Pick Summary

Prop Pick Odds Suggested Units
Total Alabama Players to be Drafted in the First Round Over 5.5 -103 1.0 Bet Now!

Note: All advice in this article is based on odds available on the date of publishing.

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