DraftKings Divisional Round Cash Game Breakdown

Jan 11, 2017
DraftKings Divisional Round Cash Game Breakdown

With Houston completely out of play and concerns over Pittsburgh’s and Seattle’s home/road splits, not to mention LeVeon Bell’s absurd price tag, the pool of reliable cash game players is relatively small. A value-based approach to lineup construction can feasibly get us to the top-projected values at four positions and the top-projected play at the fifth position.

As always, be sure to reference the “Others I’d Consider” section, as you should never blindly enter a lineup into any contest and different lineups are optimal for different types of cash games.

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QB Dak Prescott $6,000 vs GB

Dallas is projected to score over 28 points in the game with the highest over/under of the week. Green Bay ranks 29th in quarterback aFPA and teams have thrown almost two-thirds of the time against the Packers in the red zone. Dak is the top-projected value at quarterback according to 4for4's projections.

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