4for4 Mailbag Week 16

Dec 22, 2016
4for4 Mailbag Week 16

Welcome to the weekly 4for4 Mailbag, where I answer your questions about all aspects of fantasy football, including redraft leagues, DFS strategy, advice on handling angry football widows, and even some pop culture. Since it will be published on Thursdays throughout the season, I won’t be tackling waiver wire advice, so be sure to check out 4for4’s valuable articles on streaming and the like to aid with your weekly roster decisions.

To submit a question for consideration, tweet me @themondaymommy or simply use the hashtag #4for4mailbag!

@fantasyrayg: Start Alshon Jeffrey, Dontrelle Inman or DeSean Jackson?

JE: Since you didn’t indicate whether your league uses standard scoring or PPR, I’ll give you the answer to both. I’m feeling generous and a bit nostalgic since the season is coming to an end.

If you’re in a PPR league -which I personally believe should be the norm these days, then my order for starting these guys would be Inman, Jeffrey then Jackson. If we look at each of their respective opponents, the Browns give up more points to WRs, with a schedule-adjusted fantasy points allowed (aFPA) of 36.8, than both Washington and Chicago.

Inman also leads this pack when it comes to targets over the past four weeks. Sure, Jeffrey has been sidelined with an injury, but even when healthy he just hasn’t been as effective on the field this season in the Bears struggling offense.

However, in a standard scoring league, I would say these three are a pick ‘em, as they are predicted to score practically the same according to @4for4_John’s rankings. Each of them have the potential for a big day, but could also fall short without relying on targets for additional points. Just for the sake of actually answering your question, let’s put them at Jeffrey, Jackson then Inman.

Good luck, go get that trophy! Or ring, or belt or whatever your league does for the winner.

@IamPetersen: Like to know how you and I always have the best teams to not win championships. I’ll hang up and listen.

JE: The short answer – fantasy football is a cruel, heartless wench, who preys upon us all.

In my now 20 seasons playing in all types of fantasy leagues, I have won some and lost many. There are those that have taken place in the most extreme circumstances, such as winning the Championship due to an overnight scoring change, or getting knocked out of the playoffs by a random 40-point game from a backup QB (you know it well, Josh McCown).

For some reason, the SSD league that you and I are a part of, seems to screw us both year after year. Perhaps our commissioner has placed a hex upon us and our respective teams. (That could explain how I lost my first four draft picks to injury this season by Week 3). Last year, my squad finished the regular season at 12-1, a feat incredibly difficult to accomplish in any league due to injury and bye week issues, only to lose in the first round of the playoffs and be sent home with nothing.

Your team this season was ridiculously stacked, comprised of guys like Matt Ryan, Antonio Brown, Melvin Gordon and DeMarco Murray. Even your bench had players I would have loved to have my hands on, compared to my trauma unit of a roster. But sadly, your dream season came to an end last week, falling to a team with a 7-6 record, and high scores on the week from their defense and Bilal Powell.

My condolences, Mike. I certainly feel your pain, and know that thousands of fantasy players out there feel it, too. We’ve all been there and will continue to be there year after year, as we can’t stay away.

The fantasy wench is just too sexy.

@14TeamMocker: Who is the most eligible 4for4 Football Bachelor, Chris Raybon or T.J. Hernandez?

JE: Speaking of sexy, this is a question that I am pretty sure I am not qualified to actually answer.

For starters, I have not had the privilege of seeing either one of these guys in person to assess their physical attributes, which is not the most important thing when determining who the better catch is, but definitely matters when it comes to attraction and chemistry. From periscope and the like, I will say they both safely fall into what Jerry Seinfeld refers to as the 25% of the population that are actually datable based on looks alone.

I think for the throngs of both women and men out there who are interested in getting to know these two on a different level, we should have some sort of 4for4 bachelor auction, complete with resumes and a talent competition. That way we can know what we’re actually dealing with. C’mon @4for4_Josh, make it happen.

As Chris himself has pointed out, the two of them are very different when it comes to lifestyle, so the women they date would most likely coincide with their geographical location and respective vibe. A typical New Yorker could easily be annoyed with the laid back, casual attitude of a California guy like T.J., while a chill west coast woman may not want to date a man who takes longer to get ready to go out than she does. Of course, I have no idea if either of these things are true for both T.J. and Chris, but as long as I am speculating, why not lump them into their respective stereotypes.

What I do know, is that both of these men have very smart, analytical minds and would be a catch for any prospective suitor. As long as they are alright with their men working ridiculously long hours during football season, of course.

Thank you to everyone who sent in submissions this week, and every week this season for the 4for4 Mailbag. It was such a blast for me to write and had a profound effect on my personal fantasy season, as I was forced to get in touch with my metric and analytical side, one that I wasn’t sure existed. Good luck to those who are playing for all the marbles this week, and see you all next season!

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