Bales Goes Deep: Do You Live Dangerously?

Oct 27, 2015
Bales Goes Deep: Do You Live Dangerously?

A few years ago, I dated a girl who was absolutely nuts. Truly just insane. It was just completely up and down the entire time. The peaks were awesome and she was fun as hell, but the valleys about as fun as watching a marathon of The Big Bang Theory.

After her, I decided I needed a little bit more stability in my life. I started dating a girl who was basically the complete opposite of Insane—we’ll call her Boringashell—and it was fine. Like, just fine. No major downside, but also not really very entertaining. We watched a lot of The Big Bang Theory is all I’m saying.

Sometimes you want a little spice, and sometimes you want a little safety, am I right? That’s true in life, but even more important, it’s true in daily fantasy sports. We always hear that the amount of volatility you should be willing to take on depends on which leagues you’re in; you need safety in cash games and upside in tournaments.

And for the most part, that’s true. But there are other factors that go into determining how much volatility you’re embracing. Here are a few.

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