Daily Fantasy Playbook: Defense/Special Teams and Kicker Strategy

Aug 29, 2014
Daily Fantasy Playbook: Defense/Special Teams and Kicker Strategy

“Chris, your articles are great…” is a statement I’ve heard a lot in the past few weeks. I started my intro like that because I don’t currently have an Instagram account, and therefore need other shallow ways to toot my own horn online. Just kidding. I’m going somewhere with this; that’s what the three dots at the end of the quote were for. The second part of the quote goes: “...are you even going to do a defense/special teams and kicker article?”

The fact that there’s even a question as to whether I would spend time addressing these positions is indicative of the edge to be had over the typical entrant by making great defense/special teams and kicker selections. Many entrants tend to spend minimal time analyzing these positions, and many also limit themselves to only minimum priced options. Heck, some daily fantasy players even resent that kickers and defense/special teams are fantasy positions at all.

If you read on, you will find out that there are concrete ways to make your defense/special teams and kicker selections more accurate. Also, you’ll learn that just like the other fantasy positions, you should use a different salary allocation strategy depending on what game type you’re entering.

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