Full Impact Primer

Jul 01, 2010
Full Impact Primer

No matter how confident you are as an owner, it's always good to get multiple opinions and many different forms of research. Fantasy football magazines used to be the best way to prepare for the season, but now the internet is king. And when it comes to internet resources, 4for4 offers a vast array of information designed to help your team take home the title.

Some of you that are here are new to the site, and some of you are veteran owners who haven't had a chance to check out every part of the site. But whatever your experience level, you can get lots of guidance.

FULL IMPACT - Custom Draft and In-Season Analysis

One of the most compelling areas is our Full Impact projections zone. This part of the site offers an incredible array of resources. The landing page is called the Full Impact Hub.
You'll see a link that says Enter Your League's Scoring Rules.
This is a vital step that only takes about five minutes. Once you input the rules of your league(s), 4for4 will customize the strategy you need to have a successful draft day. Plus, if you aren't familiar with your league's rules or just need a refresher course, it can be an eye-opener. Additionally, if you are in more than one league, you can load up rules for multiple leagues.
Once you enter your league's rules, and save them, you can click on the link of the left side of the screen that says 'Full Impact Hub.' Once there, you can start using a wide variety of features.
Note: the remaining links in this article require you to have your rules entered in Full Impact. The exception is the "What Rankings Should I Use" link at the end.
Further down the screen, you'll find five links for customized rankings:
Position-by-position cheatsheets that show each player's projected stats.
A more compact, printer-friendly cheatsheet that shows average projected scoring for your league.
The top 200 players in your league based on relative value (a.k.a. Value Based Drafting) across positions.
A set of rankings that estimates the player's current value based on his age and upside in future seasons, based on the emphasis you place on the present and future years.
Uses Value Based Rankings to deliver accurate and usable dollar values for virtually any auction format.
There are three more Full Impact areas to help you prepare for the season:
During the season, the WAC helps you determine if your squad is a favorite or an underdog. But in the preseason, it can help you judge a trade to determine if you are getting a steal or getting hosed. It's a great piece of advice.
After your draft, the WAC can also give you an idea of how your lineup shapes up against the competition.
Let's just simply say the simulator is phenomenal! It's a mock draft tool that enables you to pick a team using your league's rules while competing against fictitious computer franchises. You can set 4 different methods for how the computer squads make their moves, and educate yourself on the possible ideas floating around in the heads of your rivals. There's nothing quite like going through the experience of a mock draft to prepare for the real thing!
The bottom line is that there are so many great resources available to owners at 4for4.com. You can't go wrong at any area of the site. However, I believe it is the customized tools that differentiate this site from so many others out there. Hopefully, this article has helped educate you on a lot of unique features found here at 4for4 and you can use them to be the top dog of your league.
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