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  • 37
  • 207 lbs
  • 6' 1"
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Scouting report

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 5 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 5 at Cincinnati Bengals

The last two weeks have finally seen some kicker usage from the Green Bay Packers, as Mason Crosby has averaged 2.5 field goals and three extra points in that span of time. This is a close game and away from home, but the high over/under does offer some potential pro for using the Packers' kicker in fantasy for Week 5. Our models project Crosby as the K13 this week, so it's probably safer to keep him on the waiver wire, but he's not unusable either.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 4 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 4 vs. Steelers
The Green Bay Packers finally called on kicker Mason Crosby for multiple field goal tries in Week 3 for the first time in forever. He rewarded fantasy managers with the third-most fantasy points among kickers. The Packers are decent home favorites in Week 4, so there's a chance Crosby does well again, but our models are a bit more pessimistic. They project Crosby to come back down to his typical averages as our K17 this week.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 3 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 3 at 49ers
The Green Bay Packers simply go for it on fourth down on the opponents' side of the field too often for kicker Mason Crosby to be a prolific fantasy kicker anymore. This is great news for fans of analytical decision-making in the NFL, but terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad news for fans of fantasy kicking. Crosby projects as our K23 in fantasy football this week; stay away at all costs.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 2 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 2 vs. Lions

Week 1 saw the Green Bay Packers get absolutely torched on both sides of the ball, leading to a paltry three-point game for kicker Mason Crosby. The veteran bootsman nailed his lone attempt last week, but just had no opportunities to add more with the game fully out of reach by the third quarter.

Week 2 should provide much better chances for Crosby in fantasy football, as three of our boxes get ticked by this matchup: the Packers are at home on Monday night, they are favored by 11.5 points, and have an implied team total of 30 points over the hapless Detroit Lions. The Lions gave up 14.0 fantasy points to a kicker last week, so it's not unrealistic to hope for a similar outcome for Crosby if the Pack don't get too aggressive about going for it on fourth down. Our models project him for 3.3 extra points and 1.6 field goals in Week 2 as fantasy's K13 – on the cusp of startable, but worth a longer look than you'd think due to context.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 1 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 1 at Saints
This is not the ideal situation to have to roll out Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby in your fantasy leagues. Playing on the road in potentially inclement weather, despite being favored and with a solid game total of 49.5 points, makes Crosby a riskier proposition than you'd think on the surface. The Packers' offense was a juggernaut last season, but still only settled for a field goal about a third of the time on fourth downs inside the final third of the field. If Green Bay goes aggressive again, Crosby might get left out in the cold. Our models project him as the 10th-best fantasy kicker in Week 1, with 2.9 extra points and 1.7 field goals, reflecting a balance between both his situational upside and his contextual downside.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - 2021 Fantasy Football Outlook

Fantasy Upside
When looking for a fantasy kicker, it’s ideal to find one tied to an elite offense. In that regard, Mason Crosby fits the bill perfectly, averaging 72.3 kicking opportunities per season since 2018. In fact, among the 62 kickers over the last three years, Crosby’s 4.7 opportunities per game are 14th-most. His accuracy has remained sharp, as he’s hitting 88.3% of his field goals since 2018 – ninth-best out of 53 kickers to attempt at least 10 field goals. Crosby is still also deadly from deep; he has punched in 80.5% of his field goals from 40 or more yards away, which is also the ninth-best mark.

Fantasy Downside
The Packers’ offense is almost too efficient for Crosby’s fantasy success. His field goal attempts have steadily dropped from 37 in 2018, to 24 in 2019, to just 16 in 2020. This is due to the Packers’ hyper-efficient touchdown scoring offense, which did allow Crosby to hammer in 59-of-63 extra points last season – but XP’s only count for a third or less of an FG. This led to a finish as just the K19 in 2020 fantasy football. If the Packers stay on their tour of offensive terror in 2021, Crosby won’t get the critical mass of three-point attempts that will make him a fantasy player worth drafting.

2021 Bottom Line
Our models are fairly convinced the Packers’ offense will come down to earth, projecting Crosby as fantasy football’s K6 for this season. Crosby is one of just two top-10 projected kickers in our model going outside the 20th round by ADP currently, making him an enormous value. If you can secure him in the 22nd round or beyond, Mason Crosby presents a secure weekly point floor with tremendous upside in 2021.

by Dale Lolley

GB K Mason Crosby - 2016 Fantasy Football Outlook

2016 Fantasy Outlook
Since taking over as Green Bay's kicker in 2007, Crosby has not attempted fewer than 28 field goals in a season (the total he had last season). He did make 24 and was 4-of-5 on field goals of more than 50 yards. His PAT's dipped to a career-low 36 last season, but Crosby is as solid as they come. His ADP places him ninth among kickers, which sounds perfectly reasonable.

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