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Scouting report

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 17 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 17 vs. Minnesota Vikings
Since his Week 5 miss-fest, Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby has been called on for an average of 1.7 field goal attempts per game. In that span of 10 games, "The Croz" has made more than one non-extra point kick just once as the Packers refuse to settle for three points time and time again. Sure, he has averaged four extra points over the last five weeks, thanks to the high-efficiency offense he's attached to, so his floor is quite high heading into the fantasy championships. Kicker is a position where we tend to want a ceiling, though, and our models project Crosby as just a middling K1 in fantasy football here.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 15 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 15 at Baltimore Ravens
The Green Bay Packers are on the road this week, headed to the unfriendly confines of the Baltimore Ravens. While Green Bay are favorites, they aren't overwhelming ones and the Ravens play a slow, ball-control style of football that should eat minutes off the clock – and salt away chances for Packers kicker Mason Crosby to put points on the board. Crosby himself has been erratic at best all season long, so in a tough context and with shaky recent performances out of him, it's best to avoid Crosby in fantasy football.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 14 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 14 vs. Chicago Bears
Long-time Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby enters this week having missed a kick in four consecutive games (and in six of his last eight). In spite of continued accuracy issues for the veteran, Crosby scored 12 fantasy points last week in a surprisingly positive game script for the Pack.

Week 14 should be no less smooth sailing for Green Bay as a whole, but – as a squad who has been loathe to kick on fourth and most things in opposing territory – Crosby has a much lower floor than other fantasy kickers. Our models project the beleaguered Crosby as a mid-range fantasy K2 this week. You can probably do better.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 12 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 12 vs. Los Angeles Rams
Perhaps I am in the small minority here, but Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby looks washed. He is attached to a strong enough offense to occasionally have fantasy-feasible weeks, but the once-automatic Crosby has now missed nine kicks this season, blaming everything from the weather to a new long snapper-holder battery messing up his rhythm. The fact remains that the Packers tend to go for it on fourth downs in opposing territory and Crosby has nearly two times as many five-point or fewer fantasy performances as he does nine-point or more showings in 2021.

Crosby is a low-end fantasy K2 option in Week 12; no more than that.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 11 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 11 at Minnesota Vikings

Even in a matchup with a team allowing the fourth-most schedule-adjusted fantasy points (aFPA) to opposing kickers, the Green Bay Packers' usage of Mason Crosby leaves something to be desired. Not only does the team go for it on fourth downs too often for Crosby to have a stable floor of opportunity, but new additions at long snapper and punter (and maybe even old age) have diminished Crosby's ability to convert the few chances he does get. Crosby is a low-end K2 in Week 11 and shouldn't be anywhere near your lineup if you can avoid it.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 10 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 10 vs. Seattle Seahawks
The Green Bay Packers are field goal favorites over the Seattle Seahawks, playing at home, with a solid-not-spectacular 48.5-point over/under in their Week 10 matchup. Kicker Mason Crosby is averaging very few attempts this year, however, and the ones he's gotten have been tough thanks to the weather, poor snapper/holder mechanics, and perhaps time itself catching up with the long-time pro.

Our models project Crosby as a middling K2 for fantasy this week; he shouldn't be on your radar in most leagues.

by Joe Redemann

GB K Mason Crosby - Week 9 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 9 at Kansas City

As six-point road underdogs in Week 9, the Green Bay Packers are in a very rough offensive spot. It's unlikely that kicker Mason Crosby will see his typical diet of multiple extra-point attempts to support a solid fantasy floor, as there is massive risk for a fantasy kicker attached to a quarterback making his first career start in Jordan Love. Our models project Crosby as a low-end K2; he's not fantasy-relevant this week.

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