Playoff aFPA Matchup Planner

As of Monday, December 31, 2019

Is your team a lock for the playoffs? If so, start planning your playoff matchups now with the the Playoff aFPA Matchup Planner. We leverage our signature Strength of Schedule metric, Adjusted Fantasy Points Allowed by position (aFPA) to rank all relevant fantasy players based solely on playoff strength of schedule.

Below we list every fantasy relevant player, their Rest-of-Season (ROS) rank and their average opponent strength for various playoff configurations (W15-16, W14-16, W14-17). For this application, we use aFPA Rank (1-32) rather than raw aFPA scores to allow cross-position comparisons. Players with green playoff matchups make ideal trade targets, while red matchups are a concern. Don't ignore overall player talent, rank and situation. But all else being equal, trading out of a tough playoff schedule into a favorable playoff schedule can set your team up to get hot at the right time, and most importantly, bring home a championship.

For defensive team options, please see our Defensive Team Look Ahead Planner published every Tuesday.