2024 NFL Draft Bets

The NFL Draft is my favorite event to bet on all year. Beyond the massive edges, like all information markets, no game has to be played which reduces some uncontrollable variance. When betting on a game you can have the best handicap in the world and still lose due to a cornerback tripping or the ball bouncing off someone’s helmet randomly etc.

With the draft, once you know an outcome or have a good read on something you likely won’t get caught with that same level of variance. The most “variance” is something like the owner taking the reigns of an operation late in the draft process and deciding to make a pick his own. That happened last year with the first overall pick, and Jerry Jones has done that plenty of times as well. With that being said, that doesn’t happen that often in functional organizations and there is still a massive edge in this market.

To make things even more exciting, sportsbooks started posting NFL Draft props earlier than last year, and more books are taking action. Two years ago, we won over 40 units on the NFL Draft. Last year, we came back down to earth and missed a couple of high-leverage picks near the top. I’m constantly trying to evolve as a bettor and truthfully learned a lot of valuable lessons from the 2023 draft. Being able to converse with Ryan Noonan, Scott Smith, and others about strategy for betting the draft will be pivotal as we head into late April. If you can’t tell, I couldn’t be more excited to handicap and get after the 2024 draft with our crew.

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2024 NFL Draft Bets

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