Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 9th in a 10 Team League

Aug 29, 2012
Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 9th in a 10 Team League

The old school approach of loading up on running backs early in drafts has been battered in recent years. The proliferation of the passing game and committee backfields have led many owners to opt for quarterbacks and wide receivers with their first selections. This year, some owners might even look at a pair of tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham, when they’re on the clock and seeking franchise cornerstones.

And I’ve been one that’s shied away from running backs in many instances, especially since I’ve thought there’s been very little in the way of quality receivers in recent years.

But I think the receiver pool is better in 2012. And the already unstable crop of backs is showing more signs of instability. So just like I did in my first Perfect Draft article, I’m going to aim for runners out of the gate.

This time, I’ll be drafting ninth as opposed to second, so unfortunately I won’t get Ray Rice again. Nor will I get Arian Foster or LeSean McCoy. On the positive side, this is only a 10-team league, so the overall talent pool will be deeper at all positions.

And speaking of positives, I am again excited to be teaming up with my wise friend PC Drafter. Together, we can build the Perfect Team.

But it won’t be easy. In this PPR league, teams will start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 defense. Teams are allowed to draft no more than two quarterbacks, two kickers, two tight ends, two defenses, five wide receivers, and five running backs. The draft will last 16 rounds.

Here’s how it turned out:

Pick 1.9 Matt Forte

Mr. PC doesn’t want to go old school here. PC is promoting Drew Brees as the top option, followed by Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, and Matthew Stafford. Forte is PC’s preference at running back, with DeMarco Murray next in line. And Murray’s upside is very, very tempting, especially since Michael Bush could steal some of Forte’s thunder. In the end, Forte is more proven than Murray, and will find a way to be productive despite Bush. He’s not an exciting pick, but a solid one. We have our first back. Maybe Murray will be available with our next selection…

Pick 2.2 Matthew Stafford

Unfortunately, there was no Murray to be found. Team 10 took him. PC prods me to take Stafford, and I’m going to deviate from the old school approach and go along with my buddy’s wishes. After all, touchdowns are worth six points in this league. And out of the consensus top five quarterbacks (Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Stafford, and Newton) Stafford is going to get the least amount of support from his running game. That means passes, passes, and more passes. Plus he’s got an emerging talent in Titus Young alongside the superstar known as Megatron.

Pick 3.9 Doug Martin

Maybe it’s not so bad we didn’t get Murray. Doug Martin, also known as the Muscle Hamster, has a lot of potential as Tampa Bay’s number one back. Despite Martin’s promise, PC wanted Darren Sproles more. Sproles is a credible starter in PPR formats, and in my last alliance with PC, we took Sproles, so it was tough to pass him up. Nevertheless, Martin will get more volume than Sproles, and a Forte/Martin partnership should ensure our backfield will be in good hands.

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