2021 Betting Content Preview

Aug 23, 2021
2021 Betting Content Preview

As 4for4 continues to expand so does the quality and amount of content. Last year we published four weekly betting articles and one show. This year, we are more than doubling our output with 10 articles per week and two shows. We didn’t want to add content just for the sake of increasing bets, so we focused on adding individuals with a betting background and who are also strong writers. All of the articles will be data-driven with explanations about why you should be tailing us. We think it’s important, especially for betting, that our content providers have skin in the game. There has been plenty of conversation surrounding “skin in the game” on Twitter and that’s a much longer discussion for another day, but we think it’s extremely important, especially in this specific space.

Beyond the schedule, a portion of our content will also be in the subscriber-only Discord, which allows our subscribers to be instantly alerted when one of us posts a new bet. This is a massive advantage to subscribers so that they get the best number on all of our bets. Another one of our goals is transparency. All of our bets are publicly tracked by record and units The industry is full of slimy cappers looking to make a quick buck, so building up your trust is a very important part of what we offer.

Our betting subscription is normally $179 for the year, and it comes with everything included at 4for4 (redraft, rankings, DFS content & tools), in addition to our betting content and tools. For new PrizePicks users, you can get our 4for4 betting subscription for just $35 (80% off) — Find out how.


Move The Line Live Stream and Podcast (Free)

4for4’s betting podcast returns for another season! Ryan (@RyNoonan) and Connor (@ConnorAllenNFL) are joined by some of the industry's sharpest bettors to break down their favorite bets and important metrics from each game. The show is live-streamed every Wednesday at 9 PM EST on YouTube and is also posted as a podcast.

Against the Spread Bets – TJ Calkins

An MMA betting guru, TJ (@tjcalkins) also crushes NFL totals. He’ll be breaking down his favorite bets against the spread early in the week.


Best Bets – Greg Smith

Leveraging his Flowbotics, Greg (@gregsauce) finished 10th in FantasyPros' ATS contest and 13th in FantasyPros’ over/under contest last season, beating out nearly 200 other contestants. He’ll be sprinkling a bit of each in this weekly column.


Move The Line: Prop Drop (Free)

Connor and Ryan will be joined by Alex Selesnick (@PropStarz) to break down a few of their favorite props from the initial batch of player props line releases. The goal of this show is to be concise, actionable, entertaining and informational. It will be live-streamed and also posted as a podcast.

Lookahead Lines – Ryan Noonan

Locking in closing line value is extremely helpful when trying to beat sides and totals in the long term. Ryan will run through all the spreads for the week ahead and evaluate if any of them have value over a week ahead of time.

Best Bets – Anthony Stalter

Like Greg, Anthony (@Anthony Stalter) will be going through his best bets of the week. It will consist of spreads, totals, team totals and more. Anthony is a multi-year 4for4 contributor, sports radio host for ESPN and a long-term winning bettor.

Best Odds Boosts and Promos – Ryan Glasspiegel

Sportsbooks are literally handing out money to bettors between their odds boosts and promotions. Ryan (@sportsrapport) has already started breaking down the odds boosts with the most value and whether they are worth betting. Check out some of his recent bets.


Player Prop Bets – Connor Allen

Connor returns for another year after netting 4for4 subscribers +36.9 units last season on prop bets alone. He hit over 58% of his bets, including 63.5% of his unders. Connor’s article typically contains 5-7 prop bets with more posted in the subscriber Discord.

Player Prop Bets – Ryan Noonan

Ryan racked up an insane +70.79 units last season between totals, props and sides. This specific piece will focus on props but he’ll still be firing totals and other bets on Discord. Ryan placed 9th in Fantasypros' Over/Under competition.

Player Prop Bets – Sam Hoppen

Sam (@SamHoppen) created 4for4’s new player prop tool which leverages 4for4’s award-winning projections and finds the best values. Sam and the team’s models based on our projections are extremely sharp and make it easy to pick winners. Sam will be leveraging the tool as well as his own plays for this piece.

Totals Bets – Ryan Noonan

An MMA betting guru, TJ (@tjcalkins) also crushes NFL totals. He’ll be breaking down his favorite team totals or full game totals bets of the week.

In addition to all of this written content, we have multiple betting tools including:

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Connor (@ConnorAllenNFL) or Ryan (@RyNoonan) on Twitter!

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