DFS Quarterback Analysis: Conference Championship Edition

Jan 17, 2018
DFS Quarterback Analysis: Conference Championship Edition

With just two games and four quarterbacks on the slate, the quarterback breakdown will be quite brief. With some elite defenses playing this weekend, it’s an ugly slate where only the Patriots have an implied team total over 21 points, and all four quarterbacks take on defenses that rank sixth or better in quarterback aFPA. Outside of Tom Brady, there are no “good” options on this slate, just different degrees of bad.


  • Despite Tom Brady ($9,000/$7,700) facing off against the Jaguars, he’s still very much in play as the Patriots are at home with an implied team total of 27.75 points, the highest on the slate by seven points. Even with the terrible matchup (Jaguars rank seventh in quarterback aFPA), Brady is the best raw-point projected quarterback. He’s the third-worst value on DraftKings, but the No. 1 value on FanDuel. Ben Roethlisberger just shredded this secondary, and while the Patriots don’t have the same receiving weapons as the Steelers, Brady has the weapons to move the ball and dissect this defense where they are vulnerable—the middle of the field. On this slate, you won’t find a better floor than what Brady offers.
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