DraftKings Week 6 GPP Breakdown

Oct 14, 2016
DraftKings Week 6 GPP Breakdown

There is no over/under below 43.5 this week, and that seems to have translated to DFS in that there are playable GPP options in every single game. If you’ll recall, lineup construction and player exposure comes down to which picks give you the biggest advantage if they hit. This mostly comes down to balancing projected upside with price and projected ownership. The more leverage a pick gives you in the form of hitting its ceiling at low ownership or a discount in price compared to other more popular options, the more advantageous it is to be overweight on that particular player— that is, have more exposure than the field. Since there are so many options this week, you should have no problem pivoting off what are projected to be the most popular RBs and WRs. As a reminder, players listed are those I'm in favor of being overwight on compared to the field. So for example, just because LeVeon bell isn't listed here doesn't mean he's not a great play (he is) or doesn't have some of the highest upside on the slate (he does), it just means I'm not necessarily in favor of 37% exposure to Bell, which is what we currently have his projected ownership set at.

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Tom Brady $7,700 vs. CIN

Brady is a home favorite against the Bengals (23rd in aFPA). New England’s implied total of 28 is tied for highest on the slate. With the addition of Martellus Bennett, Brady arguably has better weapons than in 2015, when he eclipsed 35 DraftKings points in 5-of-8 home games and 30 points in 3-of-8.

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