Niche Site (Yahoo!, FantasyAces, DraftDay) Week 5 Breakdown

Oct 06, 2016
Niche Site (Yahoo!, FantasyAces, DraftDay) Week 5 Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of general strategy on Yahoo!, DraftDay, and FantasyAces. These niche sites offer DFS players the opportunity to "shop around" for the best pricing on a player they may want exposure to in a particular week. Players who offer value because their price is vastly different from the Big 2 sites will be pointed out below.



This isn’t the site to play Tom Brady ($40) if you’re shopping around, as he is tied for the most expensive player on the slate. If paying up, Ben Roethlisberger ($36) makes for a solid option against a Jets defense (30th in QB aFPA) that ranks dead last in completion percentage (71.4%) and adjusted yards per attempt (10.2) allowed. Brian Hoyer is a nice option on the other hand, having thrown for 300+ yards and 2 TDs in back-to-back games with different scripts.

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