FanDuel Championship Week Cash Game Breakdown

Jan 18, 2017
FanDuel Championship Week Cash Game Breakdown

It may go without saying to most readers, but there is much less of an edge to be had in cash games in a two-game slate than in a slate with double-digit games. If you're going to play cash this week, I'd advise to adhere pretty close to what $/point values are telling you and hope that your opponents make mistakes trying to jam guys in.

QB Matt Ryan $9,200 vs. GB

FanDuel's QB2 during the regular season and the NFL's all-time single-season yards per attempt leader put up a near-flawless performance of 338 yards and three TDs on the Seahawks last week. Now Ryan gets the Packers, who are 29th in QB aFPA, in a game where his Falcons have an implied total of 32.75.

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