Niche Site (Yahoo!, FantasyAces, DraftDay) Week 17 Breakdown

Dec 29, 2016
Niche Site (Yahoo!, FantasyAces, DraftDay) Week 17 Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of general strategy on Yahoo!, DraftDay, and FantasyAces. These niche sites offer DFS players the opportunity to "shop around" for the best pricing on a player they may want exposure to in a particular week. Players who offer value because their price is vastly different from the Big 2 sites will be pointed out below.



You can get a slight discount on Tom Brady ($36) here against a Dolphins defense ranked 31st in QB aFPA. He is priced as the QB5 here, compared to the QB1 on FanDuel and QB4 on DraftKings.


There are no major discrepancies here, but you can get DeAngelo Williams $2 above the minimum, which is a discount compared to his DraftKings price ($5,500).

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