Yahoo! Daily Fantasy Review

Aug 29, 2016
Yahoo! Daily Fantasy Review

Yahoo! is a daily fantasy sports site known for it's extremely large user base due to offering traditional fantasy sports contests for moe than a decade.Yahoo! is a new player in the DFS industry, but is growing quickly and has already established itself as the No. 3 player in the industry.

Yahoo! offers a large variety of contests and guaranteed prize pools for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and soccer.

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As a site that has been around way before it offered DFS, and as a site that has many multiple offerings besides DFS (and outside of the fantasy industry as a whole), Yahoo! does not offer any deposit bonuses or referral bonuses as currently constructed.

Incentive Rating: 0/10


Yahoo! has a fresh, clean look for its DFS product. The main lobby is easy to use, allowing users sort and filter by sport, buy-in, contest type, and start time. It also has color-coded icons to identify different prize structures and difficulty based on types of users entered.

The site makes filling out your lineup as simple of a process as possible. You'll see the standard player pool displayed, along with a player search bar and your remaining budget. The slate's games are displayed at the top of the screen and users have the option of filtering the player pool by individual games. Users have the option of exporting a previously created lineup in to a new contest where applicable.

The player pages are very informative, including stats, news along, full season game logs, and even a graph showing how a player has performed over the last 10 games relative to their average.

Yahoo! has offered a top-notch fantasy app for a while, and users can now play DFS on their app (available for Apple and Android devices).

Usability Rating: 9/10


Yahoo! doesn't have as much action or as large payouts as the top two sites in the industry, but there is a solid amount of action and a good variety of contests on the site.

Yahoo! is committed to fair play and limit the number of entries per user in any contest to 10, or for a small contest, no more than 1% of total entries. It labels experienced users “veterans” and bans the use of scripting software to manage multiple contest entries.

Action Rating: 7/10


Yahoo! issues the standard 10 percent rake, and offers lower rakes than some of the larger sites at their high stakes games

Rake Rating: 9/10

Cashier and Support

PauPal is the only form of payment currently accepted by Yahoo!, which could be frustrating for some.

Getting support from Yahoo! is not a problem. They don’t have a telephone number posted, but you can post a message through a live chat or send an email via the site, both of which are responded to promptly. There are also various FAQ articles and a community forum to provide further support.

Cashier and Support Rating: 7/10

Bottom Line

Yahoo! has a very good interface, good rakes, emphasis on fair play, and a variety of game types. Because Yahoo! has so many users of traditional fantasy football contests, it has access to the largest untapped player pool in the industry, and has the potential to go from the No. 3 player in the game to one of the bona fide top players.

Overall Rating: 32/50

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Other Details

Lineup Requirements

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 DST

Yahoo's starting requirements are standard, and slightly receiver-heavy.




Pass TD


1 Pass Yard




1 Rush Yard


Rush TD


1 Receiving Yard


Reception TD




Return TD


2 pt Conversion






Fumble Recovery


Def Touchdown




Blocked Kick


Kickoff/PR Touchdown


Points allowed - 0


Points allowed - 1-6


Points allowed - 7-13


Points allowed - 14-20


Points allowed - 21-27


Points allowed - 28-34


Points allowed - 35+


NOTE: Plan to play on Yahoo!? Ensure you're a profitable player by subscribing to 4for4's DFS Subscription.

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