Rashad Jennings Fantasy News

Giants don't necessarily want RB committee

Thursday, August 4, 2016, 12:10pm

NFL.com - [Full Article]

A committee, while the most obvious approach with a spare-parts unit, isn't how Giants running backs coach Craig Johnson wants to deploy his backs.

"What I've learned is that if you can have a couple of guys playing a lot, then a spare guy, that's the best way to go," Johnson said, per the team's official website.

Johnson points to Rashad Jennings' play at the end of last season as evidence the veteran might be the man to carry the workload in 2016.

"At the end of the year, he was probably playing as well as any back in football," Johnson said of Jennings.

Fantasy Impact:

The Giants have a lot of options but everything seems to point back to Jennings getting the most work. Andre Williams has never found his way and Shane Vereen is more of a dynamic, third down back. Paul Perkins is a rookie and Orleans Darkwa has never rushed for 50 yards.

Giants Beat: Rashad Jennings could reach 1,000 yards

Monday, July 4, 2016, 1:00pm

NJ.com - [Full Article]

Giants beat writer James Kratch answered a question about the team's RB situation:

I expect the Giants to start the season with Rashad Jennings as their starting running back and Shane Vereen as the third down/hurry-up back, with Andre Williams being the short-yardage/change-of-pace guy.

I think rookie Paul Perkins could definitely make an impact, but my guess is that would come later in the season. If Jennings stays healthy, I think he can be the Giants' first 1,000-yard rusher since Ahmad Bradshaw in 2012.

Fantasy Impact:

Kratch said it helped last year the Gaints broke up the RB committee down the stretch and as a result Jennings took over as the hot hand behind an improved offensive line. Jennings is 30th on our RB list but is another later-round selection who could produce as part of your fantasy committee.

Giants Beat: RB Paul Perkins unlikely to 'have much of an impact'

Thursday, May 12, 2016, 9:52am

NY Daily News - [Full Article]

Ralph Vacchiano discusses the Giants' backfield:

Rashad Jennings, who I like a lot more than most fans (and media) seem to like, will be the likely workhorse and get the majority of carries. (By the way, hard as it is to believe, he got 48.3% of the carries last year, though I'd expect that to tick up.) Shane Vereen will again be the third-down back and primary receiver-out-of-the-backfield weapon. Maybe they get a little more creative with him. Maybe he just plays better. But I see him being more of a factor.

And then? Good question. I don't think Paul Perkins, their fifth-round pick, will have much of an impact in the offense this year. I think Andre Williams will likely get the first shot to be the short-yardage back, and the guy who spells Jennings for a series or two. How long that lasts depends on him. And I think Orleans Darkwa and Bobby Rainey have an uphill battle to make the roster.

Fantasy Impact:

Vacchiano also mentioned that the RB breakdown may depend on which coach came up with the "stupid" four-running back rotation the team used last year. If it was the now-departed Tom Coughlin, then the Giants will primarily use two or three running backs. If it was former OC/new HC Ben McAdoo, then all bets are off.

Giants Beat: Team may be looking for RB to step up

Saturday, November 28, 2015, 12:44pm

NJ.com - [Full Article]

It sounds as if the Giants are looking more at their running backs than the offensive line for their run game failures. McAdoo made it clear that he's looking for significantly more from his runners.

Even when there isn't much room to run, he expects them to gain more yards. When they're in 1-on-1 situations, they need to beat their defenders more frequently. When their is contact, they need to fall forward for a few more yards. Each every one of them is valuable.

The Giants are rotating four backs – Rashad Jennings, Andre Williams, Shane Vereen and Orleans Darkwa. As a group and individually, McAdoo wants to see more.

"For the backs, the biggest thing for the backs is they need to be aware of the situation," McAdoo said. "When there's one yard to go, they need to get that yard on third and one. When you get 1-on-1 with a safety, we expect our backs to beat that safety and take one the distance, and we haven't done that yet and it's a challenge on them to do that. We expect them to do it and we count on them to do it."

Fantasy Impact:

The article considers this a challenge, which means the team may be looking for someone to step up and claim a bigger role. Vereen's role seems pretty set as the third down back, but Jennings, Darkwa and Williams look like they are battling it out for more early down work. Until someone does step up, this is a fantasy situation to avoid outside of Vereen in PPR leagues.

Giants will continue to use RB committee

Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 8:54pm

Fox Sports - [Full Article]

The New York Giants will likely stick with a running back by committee for the remainder of the 2015 season. Running backs coach Craig Johnson confirmed as much on Monday.

“I think all of them have deserved to play,” Johnson said of his running backs, per Giants.com. “Rashad Jennings has done a lot of good things, Andre Williams probably had the best game of all the backs a week ago, Orleans has been consistent, so what I’m trying to do is give them all some opportunities and then the guys that really seem to be in a rhythm within each game, you try and give them a little bit more reps.”

Each back offers the Giants a different skill set for every down and distance. While Orleans Darkwa has arguably looked the most consistent between the tackles, he has not proved to be an asset in the passing game. If he can improve that aspect of his game, he is the best bet to emerge as a lead back over the final seven weeks.

Fantasy Impact:

The story didn't mention Shane Vereen who has excelled as the team's third down, pass catching RB. Even if Darkwa improves in his pass catching, he's not likely to replace Vereen in that role, but it could help Darkwa at least earn more time on the field ahead of Jennings and Williams. Other than Vereen in PPR leagues, it's probably a situation to avoid.

Giants QB Eli Manning spending extra time throwing to backs at practice

Friday, October 16, 2015, 12:44pm

ESPN - [Full Article]

Giants quarterback Eli Manning spent an additional 30 minutes at the end of Thursday's practice throwing to running backs Shane Vereen and Rashad Jennings, who were lining up in wide receiver spots rather than in the backfield during the drill. With the Giants banged up at wide receiver -- Odell Beckham Jr. and Rueben Randle are nursing hamstring injuries, Victor Cruz is still out with a calf injury -- it's possible they could get creative in the ways they line up and use their backs.

Fantasy Impact:

Vereen's usage has been up and down this season. He had 12 catches in the first two games and then failed to register a catch (on just three targets) in Week 3 and Week 4. Then, against the 49ers, he caught eight balls for 86 yards and a touchdown in Week 5. Vereen should be a solid PPR start in Week 6, but he's not a consistent part of the passing game on a weekly basis. With Odell Beckham banged up, it sounds as if the Giants are preparing to use Vereen and Jennings at receiver.

Giants Beat: Andre Williams having good summer

Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 10:27am

ESPN - [Full Article]

It's been a good summer for New York Giants running back Andre Williams.

He's worked hard to shore up the holes in his game, most specifically his ability to catch the ball, and his improvements have led to a significant number of first-team reps in training camp and in the preseason. It's not out of the question that Williams overtakes Rashad Jennings for the Giants' starting running back job at some point this season, possibly even at the start.

But Williams isn't thinking about that. He's focused on getting better. And if you watched him wait patiently for the blocks to develop on his 11-yard run in Saturday night's preseason game, you saw the fruits of another specific offseason focus.

"I'm just really working on staying patient this year," Williams said after Saturday's game. "Not just 'go-go-go' as soon as you see the first hole, but remembering what's supposed to happen and waiting to make sure it's time to go. That's not an easy thing when you're working at game speed, but it's important."

Fantasy Impact:

Williams has been watching tape of Steelers running back LeVeon Bell, who established himself last year as one of the most patient runners in the league. It was Jennings who worked out with Bell two seasons ago the story said. Jennings said several times last year that the biggest thing Williams had to learn was to slow down and be patient, trust his blockers and the play. It appears those lessons are starting to take hold. The author didn't rule out Williams taking over for Jennings at some point this season, which should peak fantasy owners' interests a bit.

Andre Williams working on pass-catching skills

Tuesday, August 18, 2015, 8:25pm

New York Post - [Full Article]

It wasn’t only that RB Andre Williams did not possess the best hands, it was that he seemed to lose track of the football and displayed poor depth perception when asked to come out of the backfield to catch a pass.

The Giants are working on this with Williams, their muscular second-year running back and leading rusher from 2014. Williams figures to do the heavy lifting this season, with Rashad Jennings doing a little bit of everything and newly signed Shane Vereen used mostly as a pass-catcher and safety-valve option for Eli Manning after excelling in that role for Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Williams’ primary role will not be as a pass-catcher, but if he is not somewhat of a threat, opposing defense do not have to play him honestly. So Williams has made several changes to make himself more proficient.

In mid-March, he underwent Photorefractive Keratectomy laser eye surgery and now no longer needs contact lenses.

“I don’t have to worry about the strain from the lenses, and I also don’t have to worry about getting knocked in the eye and having my contact get loose or fall out,’’ Williams said. “If your contacts are cloudy or something, it’s a problem.

“It’s cool to wake up in the morning and see right away and not go to bed with the ‘I forgot to take my contacts out and my eyes hurt.’ It’s nice. Best money I ever spent so far.’’

Fantasy Impact:

Williams also has been working on his hand-eye coordination by catching tennis balls. Before games, Williams takes part in a blind-ball drill. With his back to running backs coach Craig Johnson, Williams has to turn and quickly locate the ball in the air as Johnson flips it to him. Like the story said, Jennings and Vereen are likely to see a bulk of the passes at the RB position, but Williams will only help himself if he can at least make defense aware. His main role looks like a change of pace back who could see short yardage and goal line situations.

Sorting out the Giants backfield

Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 1:41pm

NJ.com - [Full Article]

Rashad Jennings took the initial running back reps with the first-team offense. That's not a surprise considering he was listed atop the depth chart and is likely to the team's top ball carrier as long as he's healthy.

But it doesn't mean he'll receive the most playing time. The more versatile Shane Vereen logged the most snaps during Tuesday's practice. It's been that way most of the summer.

Jennings did look good. On one play during 11-on-11 drills, he burst through the hole from around the 20-yard line (showing good explosion) and cut outside at the second level for what might have been a touchdown.

Fantasy Impact:

The article said that Vereen out-snapped Jennings 13-to-9, with Andre Williams checking in with three first team snaps. We rank Vereen significantly ahead of Jennings in PPR formats, but Jennings is slightly ahead of Vereen in our standard rankings. It appears that Vereen's role will go beyond what's typical for a third-down back.

More on Giants RB Rashad Jennings' rumored demotion

Friday, August 7, 2015, 8:11pm

ESPN - [Full Article]

Giants beat writer Dan Graziano on Rashad Jennings' rumored demotion: I did not see Rashad Jennings on the field with Eli Manning or the first-team offensive line either of the past two days. He did take a lot of reps with the second team, while Andre Williams and Shane Vereen got a bunch of the first-team work.

Now, I know the coaches really like Williams and the work he's done to improve this offseason. And there's a specific role for Vereen, especially on passing downs. I also know there is concern among the coaches about Jennings' health, as he's 30, missed five games last season and has never played 16 in a season. So it's possible they're just limiting his reps. However, if health were the concern with Jennings, I don't think we'd be seeing him take as many special teams reps as he's taking right now. That as much as anything might indicate a bit of a slide down the depth chart.

Friday Update: Jennings was practicing with the first team on Friday, while Williams was running with the second team.


Fantasy Impact:

Jennings rushed for 3.8 YPC, which was well ahead of Andre Williams (3.3 YPC), but well behind Vereen’s career 4.2 YPC. At this point, the only sure thing in the Giants backfield is Vereen's role as the passing down back, which makes him the best bet, at least in PPR formats.

Giants RB Rashad Jennings 'is no longer the man' in the backfield

Friday, August 7, 2015, 1:03am

Ebenezer Samuel, NY Daily News - [Full Article]

Rashad Jennings is no longer the man in the Giants' backfield. Jennings, who looked like a bell cow running back early last season, has been seeing a great many second-team reps and special teams reps in camp. Shane Vereen, this year's free agent acquisition, has been drawing more first-team reps, as has second-year man Andre Williams. At the least, this looks like a backfield-by-committee.

Fantasy Impact:

Another recent report lauded Jennings' play in camp, so it's unclear what exactly is going on here. We have a hard time believing that the Giants are going to promote Andre WIlliams and his 3.3 YPC, though we do envision a large role for Shane Vereen as a passing down specialist.

Saturday, August 1, 2015, 6:48pm

ESPN - [Full Article]

Rashad Jennings, Andre Williams and Shane Vereen provide the Giants and QB Eli Manning with even more weapons to go with a passing game that already boasts Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz.

“I think we have some talented guys on offense,” Manning said. “Talented running backs, guys that are very multiple at running back, catch the ball out of the backfield, move them around.”

Jennings and Vereen aren’t sure yet how the roles will shake out in Ben McAdoo’s offense. On Saturday, Williams saw some reps with the first team.

“I guess we’ll see,” Vereen said when asked what his role might be with his new team. “It’s still a waiting game. … I guess the role is kind of going to play itself out. The more we get on the field, the more practice we get, the more repetitions, I think it’ll kind of speak for itself, and the role will be cut out in some shape or form.”

Jennings wants all the running backs to prepare as if they will start and get the majority of the workload.

Fantasy Impact:

Most seem to think Jennings will get a bulk of the early down work with Vereen a pass-catching, third down back. Williams could see goal line and short yardage situations but did serve as the team's RB1 when Jennings was hurt last year.

Giants Beat: Three RBs to split up carries

Saturday, July 4, 2015, 10:29am

Giants.com - [Full Article]

Three Giants beat writers answered a question about RB Rashad Jennings’ injury issues last year, making the Giants more likely to split carries at running back a little more.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Regardless of Jennings’ injury history, the Giants are going to split carries because they have three very talented running backs that all deserve to touch the ball. I expect Jennings to be the bell cow with help from Williams, Vereen to be the third down back, and for Williams to get a lot of goal line and short yardage carries.

DAN SALOMONE: Regardless of any injuries, I think the running backs are all going to see a fair share of carries this season because they all bring something a little different to the table. Jennings is an all-around back, Andre Williams is a bruiser, and newly-signed Shane Vereen is a third-down threat out of the backfield.

LANCE MEDOW: The Giants will likely split carries at running back a little more this season but I think it has more to do with the depth in the backfield than Rashad Jennings’ injury issues in 2014. With Andre Williams coming off a productive rookie campaign and Shane Vereen adding some versatility and veteran experience, those two will take away some carries from Jennings just like Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw spread the wealth in 2008.

Fantasy Impact:

All three writers seem to feel the same way: Jennings should get a bulk of the early down work with Williams a change of pace and short yardage guy, and, Vereen seeing a lot of time on third down. We have Jennings ranked 26th which puts him in the flex/RB3 zone. Vereen is 38th overall but will likely be rated higher in PPR rankings. Both Jennings and Vereen present middle-of-the-draft value, but will come with risks week-to-week depending on matchups.

Giants Beat: RB Andre Williams may 'have trouble finding a role'

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 12:44pm

NJ.com - [Full Article]

Giants beat writer Jordan Raanan of NJ.com wonders about the role of RB Andre Williams:

Rashad Jennings ran primarily with the first-team offense. Free-agent acquisition Shane Vereen was mixed in constantly, especially on passing downs. Where does that leave Williams, the second-year back out of Boston College, after a strong rookie season? Williams might have trouble finding a role if the other two stay healthy. Jennings may even be a better, more effective short-yardage and/or goal-line back.

Fantasy Impact:

Williams averaged 3.3 YPC as a rookie (Jennings averaged 3.8 YPC), so the team probably isn't making it a priority to get the second-year back on the field. It appears that Williams will serve as Jennings' backup, so as long as Jennings stays healthy, he should see the bulk of the carries on 1st and 2nd down.

Giants Beat: RB Shane Vereen 'not just going to be a third-down back'

Friday, June 19, 2015, 2:50pm

NJ.com - [Full Article]

Get ready for a lot of Shane Vereen, the versatile running back signed as a free agent this offseason. Vereen seemed to find his way onto the field constantly, and was catching pass after pass. He's not just going to be a third-down back.

"He can be a quarterback's best friend in a way in the passing game," McAdoo said.

Remember, the Giants like to pass on first, second and third down these days.

Fantasy Impact:

Vereen’s arrival in New York puts a dent in the fantasy value of both Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams. Vereen has always been a factor in PPR formats, and the Giants have shown a willingness to utilize their running backs in the passing game (e.g. Tiki Barber) under HC Tom Coughlin. Vereen should post solid RB3 numbers in PPR formats, provided he stays healthy.

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