Arbitrage Calculator

This free arbitrage calculator automatically determines how much you should be betting on each side when there is an opportunity for an arbitrage bet.

What is an arbitrage bet?

Arbitrage betting is when you take both sides of the same wager to guarantee a profit. This is usually possible by using multiple sportsbooks where the odds are different. The margin of profit on arbitrage betting is usually narrow but can add up over time.

Example of Arbitrage Bet
Lebron James’ point prop is O/U 31.5 with the juice of -105 on the over at FanDuel (Insert link)
On BetMGM, Lebron James’ point prop is 31.5 with the juice of +110 on the under.
This means that with a $100 total bankroll, you can guarantee yourself $1.20 by betting both sides.

You can do this by betting $51.83 on Lebron James over 31.5 points at -105 (FanDuel) and $48.19 on Lebron James under 31.5 points at +110. $1.20 might not seem like much but it is guaranteed no matter the results of the game. Also if you decide to scale to larger amounts on guaranteed opportunities to profit, things can add up pretty quickly.

How do you use the arbitrage calculator?

Your “stack amount” is the total available cash you want to bet on the arbitrage. After entering that amount in, just enter the odds for the first bet in “odds1” and “odds2.”

This tool will automatically calculate how much you should bet on each side to successfully profit on this arbitrage opportunity. The amount you should bet on each side will appear in the “leg 1 wager” and “Leg 2 wager” boxes. All you need to do is bet the amount in the Leg 1 wager box on the first bet, and the amount in the Leg 2 wager on the second bet.

It also tells you how much guaranteed profit and your profit percentage, which can help you make a decision if it’s worth betting more, less, or potentially not at all. In the example I gave above, the profit percentage was 1.2%. This means for every $100 wagered, you can expect to profit $1.20.

When should I use arbitrage betting?

You should only use arbitrage bets if you are getting a positive guaranteed profit. You know it will guarantee profit if the profit percentage and guaranteed profit categories in the arbitrage calculator are both positive.

How do I find arbitrage bets?

They aren’t easy to find because sportsbooks generally keep their odds fairly tight on spreads and totals. There can be an edge found in props though as each book offers thousands of them every day. It’s

impossible to have the market move in perfect unison and there will frequently be outliers from different books. This is where you will find most arbitrage bets in this day and age of sports betting.

One of the easiest ways to find arbitrage betting opportunities on props is by using our player prop finder tool and odds table. The finder tool allows you to look at all the props for a single game and compare each sportsbook. The odds table allows you to look at each player and all of their accompanying props from different sportsbooks.