Fantasy Football Reports

All Purpose Reports

Each week we publish a large number of stat-based reports designed to highlight trends around the NFL, detail stats and metrics significant to fantasy football, and help fantasy owners learn about players, teams and matchups as the season unfolds.

Cumulative Injury Report (Tuesday in-season)

Year-To-Date: Sortable Player Stats (Tuesday in-season)

100-Yard Receiving Games (Tuesday in-season)

100-Yard Rushing Games (Tuesday in-season)

Consistency Factor - 100+ Yard and TD Games (Tuesday in-season)

Reception Workload, Receiver Go-to Status (Tuesday in-season)

Player Workload Analysis (Tuesday in-season)

Evaluate Players with Stud-Bust Analysis (Tuesday in-season)

Defense: TDs Allowed Distribution Analysis (Tuesday in-season)

Defense: Yardage Allowed Distribution Analysis (Tuesday in-season)

Defense: Fantasy Points Allowed by Position (Tuesday in-season)

Offense: Team Run/Pass and Ball Distribution (Tuesday in-season)

Sortable Team Offensive Stats (Tuesday in-season)

Sortable Team Defensive Stats (Tuesday in-season)

Defensive Matchup Knowledgeseeker (Tuesday in-season)

Offensive Matchup Knowledgeseeker (Tuesday in-season)

The RBBC Report, a breakdown of RB committees (Tuesday in-season)

The Target Report (Tuesday in-season)

We Track Our Prediction Accuracy (Tuesday in-season)

Law of Averages: Team Offense vs. Opponent's Defense (Tuesday in-season)

Whose Schedule Gets Easier? Harder? (Tuesday in-season)

Waiver Wire Reports

In addition to our weekly waiver wire columns (Waiver Wire Watch, DTBWW & QBBWW), subscribers get access to our exclusive waiver wire reports. The Look Ahead reports are designed to help your team with an eye to future matchups while the Top Pickups report highlights the top plays for this week that may be available on your waiver wire. Our waiver wire reports are designed to be applicable to all league types.

Player Waiver Wire Look Ahead (Tuesday in-season, updated throughout the week)

Team Defense Waiver Wire Look Ahead (Tuesday in-season, updated throughout the week)

Trade Reports

Subscribers get access to to trade advice and values designed to quickly unearth some not so obvious things to help you buy low and sell high. Trader's Alley is repeatedly mentioned as one of our subscribers favorite features at 4for4 Fantasy Football.

Moving Forward - Player Trade Values (Tuesday in-season)

Practice & Injury Reports

Our visual, color-coded injury and practice reports provide an instant overview of the significant injuries by team and by position so fantasy owners can get the information they need quickly and efficiently. We also publish a weekly Upgrade/Downgrade Report which has proven to be a good indicator of player availability.

Wednesday Injury Reports

Thursday Injury Reports

Friday Injury Reports