2016 Standard QB Rankings with Sortable Projections

Rankings last updated on Saturday, May 28, 2016. Click headers to sort.
1Cam NewtonCAR331 10A-B302503387627.213.11195727.373.073.03
2Russell WilsonSEA330 42A-B322497397932.310.01025412.556.025.04
3Aaron RodgersGB329 2-1A+A349555443535.18.9503011.144.033.09
4Andrew LuckIND304 3-1D+B378632436331.216.4633362.2105.014.05
5Drew BreesNO294 61B+A456664497831.816.611330.957.056.05
6Carson PalmerARI282 71C+A352554459732.814.97180.298.026.12
7Ben RoethlisbergerPIT281 5-2D-A401604477230.316.313350.887.016.01
8Eli ManningNYG276 102A+B390624451633.017.414400.2811.0910.01
9Blake BortlesJAX276 90A+B348592431428.118.8482701.657.106.10
10Philip RiversSD274 122A-B398592456730.714.89300.51112.1010.12
11Tyrod TaylorBUF269 154B+B288457343122.712.21035213.61016.0213.08
12Derek CarrOAK268 131A+B369604416629.312.9351480.61012.0310.05
13Kirk CousinsWAS268 174A-B378559441828.314.616471.7914.0612.04
14Jameis WinstonTB265 184A+B316543424122.514.9532063.8613.1011.10
15Marcus MariotaTEN263 161C-C325522397124.714.6503611.31318.0215.04
16Andy DaltonCIN262 14-2B+B327504396025.113.1531603.3913.0311.03
17Matt RyanATL258 192A+B417627465524.915.7361030.21115.1013.06
18Matthew StaffordDET257 202A-B395618414125.613.6441521.61015.0713.03
19Ryan TannehillMIA254 212A+B343535392926.412.0391641.1815.0412.12
20Tony RomoDAL254 11-9C-B336500405129.112.314530.2710.089.02
21Joe FlaccoBAL254 232B-B404641458524.818.513401.98----
22Jay CutlerCHI253 220C+B366566407125.516.1361981.3913.0711.07
23Tom BradyNE249 8-15B-A276425355127.06.213392.098.016.11
24Alex SmithKC248 251A+C319502354321.67.4613201.85----
25Brock OsweilerHOU228 261C-C327552392420.112.5481361.5918.0915.11
26Teddy BridgewaterMIN211 282B+C316485354417.012.1492042.06----
27Blaine GabbertSF181 314C-D261422294312.612.5563102.18----
28Jared GoffLA172 335C-D286494336917.216.09380.88----
29Geno SmithNYJ149 323C-C207330221314.79.3251871.111----
30Paxton LynchDEN140 355C-C183342225614.010.5241101.411----
31Robert Griffin IIICLE128 27-4C-D15828018649.07.0802592.013----
32Sam BradfordPHI116 29-3A+C184272207112.09.313360.84----
33Mark SanchezDEN102 341C-C158248184611.58.65180.211----
34Christian HackenbergNYJ95 4410C-C12323114759.86.221940.611----
35Josh McCownCLE85 372E-D12318614917.25.614740.613----
36Colin KaepernickSF82 30-6B-D11419712615.45.4331820.98----
37Carson WentzPHI75 381C-C12021113818.06.24180.3420.0517.03
38Jimmy GaroppoloNE73 391C-A12219410618.11.85160.49----
39Cody KesslerCLE23 5011C-D32563731.81.47370.213----

CSVFull 4for4 offensive projection data in CSV format (for Excel etc.)

# = 4for4 ranking derived from our time proven forecasting model

GC = General Consensus Rank: Prevailing General Consensus Ranking

Dif = Difference between 4for4.com and General Consensus

C = Player's consistency rankings (+ or -)

SYS = Player's offensive system (A-D)

= Player's Durability graded A to E. Player Rankings are key, but you also want to keep your eye out on other factors while drafting. Example: you might not always want to draft the highest ranked RB if doing so would give you a backfield with two E-Grade Durability RBs. In some cases, taking a slightly lower ranked RB with proven durability is the wise move.

ADP10/ADP12 = Average Draft Position; spot player is typically getting drafted from in a 10 or 12 round draft (Round.Pick). This helps you determine where a player will get picked and your job is to grab your targeted player just before he would have been drafted, but no sooner. ADP is capped at 16 rounds.

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