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Scouting report

by Matt Rittle

NE RB Stevan Ridley - Week 3, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 3 vs Oakland
Following either a Shane Vereen mistake or minor injury (depending on whom you listen to), Ridley saw a nice bump in both snaps and usage in Week 2. This led to him totaling 25 carries for 101 yards. A goal-line touchdown was gravy.

Ridley is at his best when used at the goal-line, and as a game closer, much as he was used last week. Favored by 14 points, the Patriots may just find themselves in a position to need a game closer once again. Facing off against one of the softer rushing defenses in the league only helps his case, even more.

In standard, we rank Ridley as RB17. Start with confidence. In PPR, Ridley's lack of passing game involvement hurts him some. We lower him to RB32, where he is still very startable depending on your lineup and roster, but will be very dependent on high volume, big plays or touchdowns.

by Matt Rittle

NE RB Stevan Ridley - Week 2, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 2 at Minnesota
Those who entered the season nervous about Ridley's role and usage on the Patriots found no comfort in Week 1. Ridley played on only 22 of 86 offensive snaps, carrying the ball only 8 times. While he wasn't allowed to get into a rhythm, his 2.6 YPC wasn't exactly inspiring either. The good news here is he didn't fumble, and 8 carries is probably his basement floor of usage. Ridley is difficult to trust leading into Week 2, but he's a reasonable desperation start if you lack better options.

We rank him as RB39 and RB45 in PPR this week. Leave Ridley on your bench for now if you're able to. You just never know what you're going to get week to week.

by Matt Rittle

NE RB Stevan Ridley - Week 1, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 1 vs Miami
Ridley is a bit of a boom/bust play. While he has the talent to dominate a game, scoring multiple TDs coupled with solid yardage, he comes with some associated risk of usage. We've seen that Belichick is willing to bench Ridley after even one fumble, as well as be dismissive of Ridley in a couple gameplans throughout a season. With Shane Vereen, you know what you're getting. With Ridley, you're not quite sure what you're getting. The good news is that it's early in the season, and Ridley figures to start the year in the coaches' good graces. With Gronk in the lineup, the Patriots may find themselves in positive game scripts more often, which is where Ridley shines.

He's not someone I'd start "with confidence," but if you're lacking at other options, Ridley is a fine start this week. We rank him as RB38 in PPR, and RB32 in standard.

by Matt Rittle

NE RB Stevan Ridley - 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Fantasy Upside
Ridley had 1,200 yards and 12 TDs in 2012. It's not hard to imagine a return to the playing time and form that saw him finish as RB10 in standard, and RB15 in PPR.

Fantasy Downside
Ridley's problem isn't that he fumbles... or rather his problem isn't *just* that he fumbles. He has had some poor timing with fumbles at times. He also has the distinction of playing for possibly the least tolerant coach in the league, in regards to turnovers. When he's on the field, Ridley is a very talented RB. However, he showed last year that he's able to fumble away opportunities, and it's reasonable to think that the same could happen again this year.

Ridley finished as a low-end RB3 last year, putting up a 178-773-7 line in a down year. However, he likely did not return RB3 numbers for a lot of his owners last year - as they were often left frustrated and wondering whether or not to start him.

Bottom Line
Some preseason struggles with fumbling have served both to give us pause for ongoing concern, as well helped keep his ADP at a reasonable level (late 6th round). While that's a two edged sword, so to speak, Ridley is a decent value at his ADP. While you may be inviting some weekly frustration onto your team, I see a guy in Ridley who is being drafted not too far from his floor and offers plenty of upside. Your worst case is having a guy you can plug into your flex as a bye week/injury filler. Your best case, however, is having an automatic weekly start. Worth noting, we do rank Ridley higher in standard (RB29) than we do in PPR (RB36.)

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