Well, if Pete Carroll's approach is any indication, the...

Well, if Pete Carroll's approach is any indication, the Seahawks may try a strength-in-numbers approach out of the backfield. He hasn't even named a starter yet between Julius Jones and Justin Forsett not to mention Leon Washington, who's farther along in his recovery from a compound fracture than anyone could have reasonably expected.

So what are the impressions of the running backs heading into this first exhibition game?

"The strength of our group is our group," said Sherman Smith, Seattle running backs coach. "It's not one guy, it's the entire group. They all complement each other, they all compete against each other, they all push each other, they all cheer for each other. And I think they have talents that are really going to help us out. I think we get something different from each and every one of them when they go in the game so that's what is exciting about this group."

Fantasy Impact: 

Wonderful....another team going with a RBBC approach. With so many teams doing this, it places higher value on grabbing a WR early since there will be plenty of RBs later in the draft.

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