Buccaneers Beat: Team considering cutting WR Antonio Brown

The Buccaneers have two weeks to decide whether to keep or to cut receiver Antonio Brown. In 14 days, he returns from the three-game suspension imposed on him for giving the team, and in turn the league, a fake vaccination card.

On Sunday, PFT reported that the Bucs are indeed considering the possibility of parting ways with Brown.

Fantasy Impact: 

The story went on to say if Brown were a bottom-of-the-roster player, he’d already be gone. Since he’s regarded as an important piece of the offense (the Bucs are 5-0 this year when he plays), it becomes difficult for a team that hopes to win the Super Bowl to voluntarily jettison a player with the skill to help them get there. The story added Brown’s antics endangered people like coach Bruce Arians and 83-year-old offensive consultant Tom Moore. Arians is a three-time cancer survivor. Moore falls squarely into the segment of society most vulnerable to the worst possible outcome. It's certainly a situation to watch over the next two weeks.

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