12 team 3 man keeper standard league 1Q 2 RB 2WR 1TE 1Flex 6pt TDs with a DTP (dead team penalty) your lineup must be set with active players playing that day, if you fail to do that you will receive 10 point penalty the following week. 2nd time - 10 3rd - 15 4th - 15 and kicked out of the league
My team is 8-1 and the scoring leader but this week I have Ertz on bye who is my only TE. I am facing a tough team this week and next. So who do I drop to pick up a so so TE? I probably won't be able to get them back.
My team is:
J Allen, and J Winston QBs
Carson, Cook, Mack, M Sanders
A Robinson II , C Samuel, T Williams, Sanu, Godwin, and Lockett

All trades are off the table. League is too cutthroat!
Because of the Bears QB play considering Robinson.
What say you?

Brandon Niles 4for4 Scout

That's tough, I really hate to drop anyone off that roster. I think I might side with Samuel actually, but I don't feel good about it. You can go Robinson if you'd rather, but he's been productive at times, even with bad QB play. I will say I like Robinson better in PPR than in standard, so that might be enough to sway me in that direction. The plus side of it is that you're other WRs will likely be the guys you go with each week anyway. Yeah, I can get on board with Robinson... sucks though.

Nov 04, 2019 ยท 3:36 PM EST