Trying to trade one of the TEs for Juju - does that make sense? Juju showed some signs of life last week ... 10 team PPR. Thank you ?

Scott Pagel 4for4 Scout

No issues moving a TE. A lot of people on the forum are doing that because they ended up with two good ones. Maybe shop around? I'm not thrilled with JuJu but the value is still on your side if you can do this deal. I'd probably keep Anders I think... but it's a tough call. Maybe move whatever one gets the deal done.

Nov 02, 2019 · 3:15 PM EDT

got Juju for Engram done. I had both my WRs (Keenan and Chark) showing as Questionable then and I was worried. Didn't have any interesting ones on waiver (I have Boyd and Woods on bye, not that they are doing anything great anyway...)

thank you so much, hope Juju gets a better second half of the season... thanks again

Nov 02, 2019 · 9:08 PM EDT