Alright boys and girls,

I have a question/statement on how good the Niners' defense really is.

SF Defense Value (rank)
Opp Points/Game 14.2 (#4)
Opp Yards/Game 257.5 (#2)
Opp Yards/Play 4.5 (#4)
Opp 3D Conv % 34.62% (#8)
Opp 4D Conv % 20.00% (#3)
Opp RZ Scoring % (TD) 20.00% (#1)
Opp TDs/Game 1.5 (#2)
Opp Rush Yards/Game 81.8 (#5)
Opp Rush TDs/Game ZERO(#1)
Opp Completion % 53.49% (#1)
Opp Pass Yards/Game 175.8 (#2)
Sack/Game 3.2(#5)
Takeaways/Game 2.8 (#1)

So my question is, have they just played terrible teams or are they really that good?

Top 10 in all important categories and top 5 in most of them. Unbelievable.

Should you play them against the Rams?

Lets see.
LAR Offense Value (rank)
Points/Game 29.2 (#6)
Yards/Game 413.6 (#5)
RZ Scoring % (TD) 63.64% (#8)
TDs/Game 3.2 (#10)
Rush Yards/Game 96.2 (#22)
Rush TDs/Game 1.6 (#1)
Completion % 63.06% (#21)
Pass Yards/Game 317.4 (#2)
QB Sacked /Game 1.6 (#6)
Giveaways/Game 2.2 (#28)

I say they come back down to earth a tad but still top 7 defense this week if you have them(plz dont drop they play WAS next week). The only the thing an extra boost for this defense would be a pick six, which they technically have 2 TDs in 4 games, so 50 % chance of housing it. (kidding. but really.)

Hope you liked my essay.


Scott Pagel 4for4 Scout

I agree. I think the answer is usually "somewhere in between" and I think that's the case here. We'll learn more this week. I think they could be OK this week, the Rams have fallen behind the last couple and at that point, not may teams can stop them. I'm not sure the 49ers get a lead in this game, or a big lead I should say. So maybe it's a closer, low-scoring game?

Oct 11, 2019 · 10:48 AM EDT

Let's gooooooo

Oct 13, 2019 · 8:18 PM EDT

I have to agree with you although I hope goff puts up 350 3 tds 2 int sacked 6 times and gurley fumbles twice.

But sometimes one needs to get their head out of the clouds. Haha

Oct 11, 2019 · 12:46 PM EDT