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Last Updated: Thursday September 07, 2017

Welcome to a new, powerful level of MFL10 draft planning. The MFL10 ADP Draft Planner pulls actual MFL10 draft data from MyFantasyLeague to provide up-to-date availability for players at any point in the draft. (Full MFL10 ADP Rankings here)

Start by selecting a round pick to study, along with up to five players to see their availability. The planner will provide historical MFL10 availability of each individual player along with the availability of "at least one" in the group. Since positional availability is often interdependent (i.e. if Player A is not available, Player B is more likely to be there), having access to this actual availability is invaluable when sketching out a draft plan.

Will a top 10 RB be there at 2.09?

Will a top 24 WR be there at 4.11?

Can you get a top 13 QB in the first 10 rounds?

MFL10 ADP Draft Planner
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Concept by John Paulsen. Implementation by Josh Moore. Real draft data provided by