Jay Ajayi and either Rivers or Bress for Christian Mccaffrey?

Jay Ajayi and either Rivers or Bress for Christian Mccaffrey?

Posted by jpittari November 20, 2017, 1:55 pm | Preseason, 2017

12 man full PPR. I have bye in week 14 locked up. Looking to optimize wk15 and 16. Another team with Mccaffrey has Alex Smith and McCown at QB so I see an opportunity to assure myself a safer points with Mccafrey in flex over ajayi.

My Lineup:
QB: Brees, Bench:Rivers, Rodgers in IR
RB: Bell, Ingram Flex: ajayi Bench: Conner, ekeler, Yeldon
WR: Julio, Michael Thomas Bench: Dede westbrook, Corey Davis,

His lineup:
QB: Alex Smith, josh McCown
RB: McCaffrey, Darkwa, Marshawn,jamaal williams, Jonathan Stewart
WR: Devante adams, juju, baldwin, sanu

What do you think about this deal? As of now he wont make the playoffs unless he wins next two games so I think he may budge even though he really likes McCaffrey. Thanks for your help.

Posted by Scout Scott Pagel November 20, 2017, 7:18 pm

I like the deal if it's Rivers over Brees. Brees hasn't been great but we saw what can do this past week so I'd rather keep him. Other than that, I like the deal for you. I like Ajayi but I thought he'd get more work this week than he did. I'm sure he will but Blount is still going to be a factor and seems like Clement will be as well so I like moving Ajayi.