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Below is an abreviated list of what is included with a premium subscription to 4for4 Fantasy Football.

Cheat Sheets, Projections & More

Last updated Saturday, September 10, 2016

The #1 thing brings to the table is PROVEN and ACCURATE projections -- week after week, year after year! Rankings are updating continuously up to the start of the season. Once in-season, weekly projections and rankings along with Rest-of-Season rankings are published each week.

Full Impact-Custom Scoring Tools

Last updated Saturday, September 10, 2016

The FULL IMPACT decision support area is all about providing you customized analysis for your roster, your league, your draft and your wavier wire pool. It's interactive analysis tailored to your league and you just can't find tools like these anywhere else.

Say good-bye to canned reports and "one-size fits all" analysis. Even the savviest Fantasy Football expert will reap significant benefit and time savings using FULL IMPACT.

PC Drafter

Strength of Schedule Analysis

Last updated Friday, April 21, 2017

Having just one or two favorable scheduling matchups during your playoffs is often all it takes to gain an edge --- and walk off with a championship. Use "Hot Spots" to at-a-glance target waiver wire pickups, time trades and optimize your roster for the playoffs. Hot Spots are updated each Tuesday.

Individual Defensive Players - IDP

Last updated Friday, December 30, 2016

Fantasy Football Reports

For a full list of reports available to premium subscribers throughout the season, click here.

Basic football statistics often fail to show a player's true value. Why? Because the definition of a successful offensive play varies based on the game situation. Often, football averages and totals lack context. This really becomes an issue when you need to forecast player and game outcomes.

Each week we deliver Fantasy Football Stats and Data Analysis via standard reports focused on forecasting insights. Each report offers unique analysis designed to give you insights beyond the basics. We encourage you to study them and look for a competitive advantage.

Weekly Tracking Analysis

Fantasy Stud-Bust Analysis Find and Evaluate the Best Fantasy Players With Our Exclusive Stud Game vs. Bust Game Measures. If you value consistent NFL players you'll like this report. Published Weeks 3 to 17.

Defensive Knowledgeseeker This allows you to quickly break down a defense and see how it's allowing yards and TDs by position. If you like to consider matchup trends, this tool is one you'll want to keep handy. Published Weeks 4-17.

Offensive Knowledgeseeker Tracks a team's Weekly Production by Position. It gives you an indication of the kind of numbers the #1 RB, WR and TE are capable of putting up. It can also be used to help you evaluate a dreaded RBBC situation and more. Be sure to check out the blue-label column to consider strength of opponent. Published Weeks 4-17.

Player Injury

Cumulative Injury Report Tracks cumulative pounding a player is taking during the year. Injuries and time take a toll on athletes. The human body is not fully resilient! This analysis can help predict Fantasy Point decline.

Schedule Outlook

Defensive Opposition Analysis Before-After Strength of Schedule Analysis. Examining Opponents Defense, Find Out What Offenses Will Likely Ramp-up and Who Could Struggle. Get Your Team Ready For Your Playoffs, Carefully Time Trades and More. This report is published in Weeks 2 thru 15.

Hot Spots Rushing Updated weekly, provides a detailed tactical view of upcoming rushing matchups. This report is updated in Weeks 3 thru 16.

Hot Spots Passing Updated weekly, provides a detailed tactical view of upcoming passing matchups. This report is updated in Weeks 3 thru 16.

Player-Level Hot Spots Top Players by Position by Week. Excellent aid for those playing Tournament-Style Fantasy Football. This report is updated in Weeks 3 thru 17.

Team Defense Hot Spots Find Good Matchups for Your Team Defense by planning out what team defenses you should start each week and get an edge. This report is updated in Weeks 3 thru 16.

Weekly Matchup Analysis

Law of Averages With the click of a button, this sortable report allows you to pool together a team's offense and their opponent's defense, to create a resulting average for various stats. Helpful for early week planning and those hard calls. This report goes live in Week 3 and continues throughout the season.

Team Offense

Sortable Team Offensive Stats Quick access to see how a team is doing on offense and how they mix pass and run

Play Selection Tendency Analysis  What teams tend to run more than most? What team rarely looks to the tight end? How is your favorite team mixing run/pass?

Scoring/Redzone Tendency Analysis Which teams have more FGs than TDs? What NFL backfield has produced the highest percentage of its teams pass touchdowns? Do running backs or tight ends catch more passing touchdowns?

Team Defense

Sortable Team Defensive Stats  Quick access to see how a team is doing on defense and how opponents are mixing run/pass against a certain defense

Touchdowns Allowed Analysis How often does a certain team hold opponents to zero rushing touchdowns? What team most often allows two or more passing touchdowns?

Yardage Allowed Analysis What teams most often hold foes to under 90-rushing yards? What team most often yields more than 250 passing yards? What team most often allows foes 200 or more passing yards?

Fantasy Football Stats - Players

Consistency Analysis What WR is most consistent in generating big games? Who might be highly undervalued based on a few recent starts? Which RB has had the most 100 yard games?

Reception Workload Which wide-outs haul in over 30% of their teams receptions? Now that your fantasy backup WR is an NFL starter, how does his performance compare to your usual fantasy starters?

Overall Workload Your fantasy player needs the ball to create fantasy points. What RB is most directly involved in his team offense? What WR? Any potential sleepers?

Reception Leaders Who has had the most 100 yard receiving games so far this year? Most games with at least 1 TD?

Rushing Leaders Who is most likely to have a good game? What RB has the most games with at least 1 TD? Which NFL backup RBs are statistically out performing NFL starters?

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