After the season, writer Chris Brown s...

After the season, writer Chris Brown said on WGR 550 the coaching staff was unable to convince Steve Johnson to buy into the team concept.

"I don't know that anybody felt on the staff thought that they could effectively get in his head, relate to him, know what he was feeling, thinking all the time" Brown said of Johnson on Jan. 3, after the team fired receivers coach Ike Hilliard. "I think it's because Stevie's just a different breed of cat.

"I don't think it's any reflection on this coaching staff. I think this coaching staff did a really good job of kind of aligning themselves with the players, where they felt they were all in this thing together and they were all allies. ...

"But I think Stevie's a hard guy to reach, and when you're trying to build a thing where it's all for one and one for all, and it's hard to reel a guy into that, it makes you wonder just where they feel they're going with him."

Fantasy Impact: 

The article discusses how HC Doug Marrone has since reached out to Johnson to clear the air. This is a situation to keep an eye on this offseason. Johnson was the #56 WR in 2013.

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