WR Williams finally finds a weight room

Dallas Morning News - [Full Article]

From Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback:

I think the most amazing thing I've heard in the past month, and I've confirmed it with someone close to Roy Williams, is that the Dallas receiver was never on a consistent weightlifting program in his life before this off-season, when he got after it at Valley Ranch. "I'm serious,'' this acquaintance of Williams told me. "Roy never lifted before. Now that he has, and now that he's serious about making himself a great football player, especially with T.O. gone, I think he's really going to have a good year.''

It's almost unbelievable that a guy can play at a major program like Texas and spend five seasons in the NFL without ever taking a weight program seriously.

The fact that Williams has done so is a testament to his talent. It's also evidence that supports all the whispers about his rep for having a poor work ethic.

Maybe his embarrassing 2008 season could be his career wake-up call. By all accounts, he's put in a lot of work at Valley Ranch, in the weight room and on the field with Tony Romo.

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