Which QB will step in if Jake goes on the shelf?

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If QB Jake Delhomme goes down in 2009, what comes next for the Panthers? You can guarantee this much. It will be a QB who is at least 6-3, went to at least 2 colleges and throws well on the run. That description fits both #2 QB Josh Mccown and #3 Matt Moore. Both were almost invisible in 2008 but could be called upon at any time to salvage the 2009 season. “There are still some unknowns about both those guys,” Panther HC Fox said. “They are two gifted players – they've got all the tools. But the preseason will be real important to both of them. Right now Josh is #2 and Matt is #3, but our whole football team is an open competition.” Make no mistake, Delhomme will be the #1 Carolina QB again in 2009. Given the Panthers' deep devotion to Delhomme, it's very unlikely he would be pulled due to performance issues this season. Delhomme didn't even get yanked in the 6-turnover monstrosity that was the home playoff game against Arizona. However, an injury could always strike.

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