Warner will be fine despite hip woes

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Kurt Warner can go the distance: Despite the fact that his left hip has been surgically repaired, I believe Warner can play 16 games. Sure, he's 38, and the hip bothers him, but it's weird. The hip hurts only when he stands or walks. When he's dropping back from center, it doesn't hurt.

Warner looked the same as always Thursday night against the Steelers, completing six of 10 passes for 53 yards. He was able to time his drop-back with his receivers without difficulty. His hip doesn't hurt when he plays because quarterbacks bend slightly at the waist as they retreat from center, and that takes enough pressure off the hip.

Although Warner's hip surgery was successful, it will take about 12 months for it to be right. Warner is at the 4 1/2-month stage, so he is expected to be a little gimpy. As long as Warner can say "it only hurts when I walk or stand,'' he can run the offense as well as he did last season.

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