Vincent Jackson lining up in different spots - [Full Article]

Buccaneers HC Greg Schiano on wide receiver Vincent Jackson taking on a more versatile role last year after coming to Tampa Bay:

“Well, I think Vincent is a consummate pro and now you have a change of systems, which allows him to do some different things. If you have a veteran guy who is not a pro, like Vincent [is], he doesn’t want to change. Vincent welcomed change with open arms, he looked at it as an opportunity to be a versatile receiver, and that’s exactly what he’s become. He’ll line up anywhere, from next to the tackle all the way out to the number-one receiver, and everything between that. And that makes it hard to be able to [cover]. If the defense is trying to take him out of the game, certainly they can double him, but the more places he is, the more rules you need to double. It’s not just the two guys that are doubling him, it’s everyone else in the coverage around that. We like the versatility and we like the different things you can do with him from different spots on the field.”

Fantasy Impact: 

Jackson's first season with the Bucs was stellar. He caught 72 passes for 1384 yards and eight TDs and had the highest YPC (19.2) of any WR in the top 50. He's on the wrong side of 30 now, but should have a few more productive years left in him. He has a good shot at finishing in the top 10 for the fourth time in five years.

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