Vikings players still believe Favre could sign

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Nearly everyone I talked to on the team is convinced Brett Favre is coming. That is not an exaggeration. People from all walks of life within the organization talk about it as if it's no secret, almost an afterthought.

"I'm telling you it's already done," said one Viking. "Right after the Indy game (first preseason game). I don't think anyone here doesn't think that."

Another Viking said, "I don't know if it's done, but I think he'll be in by the third preseason game."

If it happens, when is a good question. While the one source says he thinks it will happen this week, I don't. If it happens, getting him in by the third preseason game would have been ideal, but waiting until the season starts to see if the Vikings starting quarterback falters could be another route. That way Favre can come riding in on his white horse.

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