Tony Gonzalez will return at right price

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According to multiple team sources, the Falcons are cautiously optimistic that TE Tony Gonzalez will return for another potential title run in 2013. Sources close to Gonzalez, an unrestricted free agent, said he is contemplating a return at the right price, provided he can miss some or all of training camp this summer.

"He will come back if they pay him $7 million and he doesn't have to do training camp," said one Falcons player familiar with Gonzalez's thinking.

Another team source added, "If we offer him the money, he'll most likely be back for one more. He'll most likely be looking to miss training camp, though."

A high-ranking Falcons official indicated the team would not likely let either of those issues become an impediment to a deal.

"The money is there," a source close to Gonzalez said. "Working out the days he can miss is the biggest holdup."

Fantasy Impact: 

It looks like Gonzalez will be back if the Falcons concede to his salary and training camp requests, which they almost certainly will. He was #3 in fantasy PPG in 2012 and #6 in 2011, so another top 5 season is well within reach.

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