Tom Brady wants to push the tempo

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Tempo has been a key word this summer. The Patriots want to be aggressive and play fast on both sides of the ball. They want to get on top of their opponents, come at them swiftly and often, so the pressure is felt.

QB Tom Brady wants to hurry up and get to the line of scrimmage and create as much stress and confusion as he can for an opposing defense. He wants to make quick reads and deliver the football. He then wants to line back up and do it again.

“Tempo is always something we talk about,” Brady said yesterday. “Coaches really think it’s important. You get into rhythm out there and it’s hard when you have a bad tempo, a slow rhythm to the offense. Guys are walking back to huddle, walking to the line. You have a bad play and you’re walking back to the huddle.

“To me, when we get a good tempo, I like to keep the pressure on the defense rather than give them time to catch their breath. I really enjoy that. That’s why I love being in the two-minute drill as well, it’s mandatory fast tempo. You rush to the line of scrimmage, see the coverage, the ball snaps, you make a throw, and you’re right on to the next play. If we do that well, it can be a great strength for our team.”

Fantasy Impact: 

If this continues into the regular season look for Brady to have an even better year than expected. Faster tempo = more offensive plays = gaudier stats.

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