Severe storm at training structure

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A Cowboys scouting assistant was permanently paralyzed from the waist down
after his spine was severed during the collapse of the team's tent-like practice structure in
a severe storm. The team announced Rich Behm was in stable condition at Parkland
Hospital on Sunday after surgery to stabilize a fracture to the thoracic spine. The 33-year-
old Behm was among a dozen people hurt in the accident Saturday, and was one of three
Cowboys staffers who remained hospitalized. Joe DeCamillis, 43, the team's new special
teams coach, sustained a fracture of one of his cervical vertebrae without paralysis. He
was in stable condition at Parkland and scheduled for surgery today. Assistant athletic
trainer Greg Gaither, 35, had surgery Saturday night to repair a fracture to the tibia and
fibula in his right leg. He is expected to be released from the Baylor Regional Medical
Center later this week.

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