Ravens' McGahee has adjusted attitude

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It took nearly an entire year, an unusual amount of time spent on the bench and the worst statistics of his career, but running back Willis Mcgahee is finally displaying the attitude and work ethic that the Baltimore Ravens’ coaching staff is looking for.
For McGahee, who has drawn praise from the coaches this summer after taking up ownership in the doghouse last season, it’s a different approach from last year when he was slow to pick up the intricacies of the playbook. McGahee, 27, wound up rushing for a career-low 671 yards while receiving a career-low 170 carries.

And McGahee says he has gone out of his way to clarify where he’s coming from in terms of showing how serious is about the game.

“No doubt about it, I know I’m not the easiest person to learn how to read,” McGahee said. “I send mixed messages. I’m staying focused on being positive.”

The coaching staff’s hard-nosed approach hasn’t changed, but they have grown in their approval of McGahee.

And there’s a noticeable difference in McGahee’s enthusiasm and practice habits. He’s finishing runs with power and hustling back to the huddle.

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