QB Matt Hasselbeck: "feeling pretty good"

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With a week of practices now complete, QB Matt Hasselbeck and the rest of the signal callers have made a lot of throws. Hasselbeck had a big bag of ice on his throwing arm after practice, but said the icing is preventative and his wing feels fine.

“My elbow was sore early on in camp,” he said. “I think all of the QBs, we all were feeling that way. But the situations have helped us the last, two days with short yardage, goal line – it’s just part of camp, the ups and downs of camp. I think the receivers got a break too, but I’m feeling pretty good.”

Hasselbeck also said he’s picking up the offense OK, which includes getting down how to say the terminology.

However, Hasselbeck did say they could use another week of practice before playing a game. Seattle’s set to face its first opponent Aug. 15 at San Diego.

Also, expect the Seahawks to use the shotgun more. Hasselbeck said he likes being back in the gun more often, which was a rarity when Mike Holmgren was here.

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