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Peyton Manning says Montee Ball is ready to be RB1
Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 10:59am

Jeff Legwold, Twitter - [Full Article]

Broncos QB Peyton Manning said this morning he believes Montee Ball ready to be starting RB.

Fantasy Impact:

Ball actually outperformed Knowshon Moreno on a per carry basis (4.7 to 4.3 YPC) but Moreno was significantly better in the passing game. The big question mark with Ball is his habit of putting the ball on the ground, though he cleaned that up down the stretch and in the postseason. Ball has the blessing of his QB and as the RB1 in a high octane offense, his ADP is going to rise into the 2nd (or even 1st) round.


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Caldwell: Matt Stafford's accuracy can be fixed
Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 9:21pm - [Full Article]

Among new Lions head coach Jim Caldwell's most pressing tasks will be fixing QB Matthew Stafford, the promising quarterback who has tumbled into mediocrity the past two years.

At the center of many of his problems is a decline in accuracy, which sank all the way to 58.5 percent last year. That was 30th in the NFL.

Fantasy Impact:

"Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, without question," Caldwell said, when asked if accuracy could be taught. As the story points out, Caldwell has a pretty good resume with QBs: He worked with Peyton Manning for nearly a decade in Indianapolis, and took him to a Super Bowl in 2009, and later rode Baltimore's Joe Flacco to a Super Bowl in 2012. He has a reputation around the league for knowing the fundamentals of the position, and just how to impart them.

Broncos expected to sign Emmanuel Sanders
Saturday, March 15, 2014, 10:18pm

Adam Schefter, Twitter - [Full Article]

Neither team nor player's agent will confirm, but Broncos are expected to sign former Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders, per league sources.

Fantasy Impact:

Sanders will likely replace Eric Decker in Denver's three-WR set, so Andre Caldwell probably sees spot duty as the team's WR4. Sanders was #35 in standard and #32 in PPR, and we'd expect that to be his floor playing with Peyton Manning in the Broncos' potent offense.

Jets sign Eric Decker to a five-year deal
Thursday, March 13, 2014, 2:48am

Adam Schefter, Twitter - [Full Article]

Jets are giving former Broncos WR Eric Decker a 5-year, $36.25 M deal, including $15 M guaranteed, per source.

Fantasy Impact:

Decker was expected to command as much as $9 million per season, so this seems like a reasonable deal. Decker is a solid receiver, but it remains to be seen if he can produce when drawing the attention of the defense's top corner. The Jets don't have a Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker or a Julius Thomas to occupy the defense. He's also seeing a downgrade at quarterback from Peyton Manning to Geno Smith, which is like going from Chipotle to a Taco Bell Dumpster. Still, he'll have decent value as a real-world WR1. It's doubtful that the Jets will be able to do any better this offseason.

Broncos sign DE DeMarcus Ware to a three-year deal
Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 2:36pm

Adam Schefter, Twitter - [Full Article]

Pending a physical, former Cowboys DE DeMarcus Ware reached agreement with Broncos on 3-year, $30M contract including $20M guaranteed.

Fantasy Impact:

No one can blame the Broncos from going "all in" given how close Peyton Manning is to the end of his career.

Peyton Manning (neck) cleared for 2014 season
Monday, March 3, 2014, 12:30pm

Denver Post - [Full Article]

The Broncos have received further assurance there is nothing wrong with Peyton Manning's neck as he passed his physical examination Monday morning.

There is a provision in the five-year, $96 million contract Manning signed with the Broncos in March 2012 that requires his surgically repaired neck to pass medical inspection each year before the team guarantees his salary.

Fantasy Impact:

This isn't a surprise, but it's still good news for 2013's #1 QB. He'll enter the season as a top 3 pick at his position.

Tony Romo 'ecstatic' about Scott Linehan hire
Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 11:40am

Fort Worth Star-Telegram - [Full Article]

One year after getting Peyton Manning-like input into the offense and personnel decisions, Romo is expected to be even more involved and have more power in the offense under Linehan.

“Yes. He’ll have more (power),” owner Jerry Jones said. “I am just answering his question. How and where and what it has to do with depends on how comfortable he is. Romo was a tremendous supporter of Bill Callahan (last season’s play caller). He was absolutely ecstatic over us getting Scott Linehan. He had serious discussions with Detroit’s quarterback (Matt Stafford) and got a great feel for Linehan’s imagination and what Linehan does to maximize skills in the individual players and his flexibility of coming up with schemes within schemes within the base or rules of an offense. Having said all of that, the most excited guy in the organization was Tony Romo to have the prospect of getting Linehan. And so they will be locked at the hip.”

Fantasy Impact:

Under Linehan, the Lions threw the ball 62.2% of the time in the last two seasons. Over the same span, the Cowboys threw it 64.3% of the time, so the Cowboys may not be that much more "pass happy" under Linehan, though the number of plays they run could increase, helping the offense as a whole. The Lions have averaged 1,105 plays in the last two seasons, while the Cowboys averaged just 968 plays, so Detroit ran 14% more plays than Dallas over that span.

Saturday, February 22, 2014, 12:26pm

ESPN - [Full Article]

Broncos QB Peyton Manning is expected to visit with doctors in Denver next week to evaluate his neck fusion. Manning has said repeatedly he plans on playing in 2014 unless the doctors tell him not to. He had a similar exam following the 2012 season.

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Peyton Manning intends to play in 2014
Monday, January 27, 2014, 10:57am

Denver Post - [Full Article]

Peyton Manning has let it be known he isn't going anywhere.

The Broncos have a guaranteed $20 million salary waiting for Manning next season. The grand plan is for Manning to collect that dough while hopefully defending the Super Bowl championship the Broncos can earn Sunday by defeating the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium in nearby East Rutherford.

"I think when you still enjoy the preparation, the work part of it, I think you sought to be still doing that," he said. "When I stop enjoying it, when I can't produce, when I can't help the team, that's when I'll stop playing. If that's next year, maybe it is. I certainly want to continue to keep playing."

Fantasy Impact:

In Senior Editor John Paulsen's Never-Too-Early QB Rankings, Manning (unsurprisingly) comes in at the top spot. The Denver offense looks like a juggernaut as long as Manning is playing at a high level.

Lions hope to get Matthew Stafford back on track
Sunday, January 26, 2014, 11:40am - [Full Article]

On the topic of Lions QB Matthew Stafford and his irregular footwork and release points...

"I think there certainly has to be some work done," general manager Martin Mayhew said last week. "I couldn't really quantify that."

Mayhew said Stafford can still be salvaged. That belief was a guiding principle during the Lions' two-week coaching search, and the subsequent week-long search for a staff.

Detroit eventually tabbed a head coach (Jim Caldwell) that worked for a decade with Peyton Manning, and an offensive coordinator (Joe Lombardi) who spent the past five years as Drew Brees' personal quarterback coach with the New Orleans Saints.

That's no accident.

Stafford will have at least two quarterback coaches on staff, and could have a third if the Lions hire an actual quarterback coach. Their exact plan remains unknown, but the moves are being hailed around the league as a perfect match for the talented yet middling quarterback.

"I have no doubt (Lombardi will fix Stafford)," Saints tailbacks coach Dan Roushar said. "I have complete confidence. Joe is a phenomenal football coach, and it's a great hire for Matthew."

Fantasy Impact:

Stafford's play has slipped since his 5,038-yard, 41-TD season in 2011. The Lions are hoping that they can get Stafford back on track, and the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

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Lions tag Ravens OC Jim Caldwell as new head coach
Tuesday, January 14, 2014, 2:19pm

Adam Schefter - [Full Article]

Detroit Lions are hiring Jim Caldwell as their head coach, per a league source.

Fantasy Impact:

Caldwell coached for the Colts while Peyton Manning was there and guided the Ravens offense to a Super Bowl win during the 2012 season. Last season's offensive struggles are a concern, but the Lions obviously feel like his resume is strong enough to justify the hire.

Monday, January 13, 2014, 11:26am

ESPN - [Full Article]

Peyton Manning's future beyond this season will be determined by the results of an offseason exam on his surgically repaired neck, sources familiar with the star quarterback's mindset told ESPN Senior NFL Insider Chris Mortensen.

If the exam reveals that his neck is stable, Manning plans to return to the Broncos in 2014, regardless of how Denver fares this postseason, according to sources.

But if there is an increased risk of injury, Manning will be forced to decide whether to retire, sources said.

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