Pierre Garcon's shoulder is "good"

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Wide receiver Pierre Garcon said Thursday that his recovery from shoulder surgery for labrum damage is going well and he doesn’t anticipate experiencing any problems with the injury this season.

“The shoulder is good,” Garcon said following the Washington Redskins’ offseason practice at Redskins Park. “There shouldn’t be any worries for me for the season coming up. So it should be good to go.”

For much of last season, Garcon expressed a strong preference to avoid undergoing surgery for the torn ligament in his foot that plagued him virtually the entire season. He opted not to have surgery for that injury, saying there had been no guarantees given by doctors that such a procedure would resolve the problem.

Garcon said Thursday that his foot is “getting better” and “it’ll be good” this season. But he also called his ongoing rehabilitation of the injury “a process” and stopped short of declaring he’s certain that he’ll be completely unbothered this season by his foot injury.

“You never know,” Garcon said. “We could be playing on a bad field and something happens. Or we could be playing on a good field and something happens. I can’t predict what’s going to happen or how it’s going to be. But I’m going to continue to rehab it and continue to work at it and continue to monitor it.”

Fantasy Impact: 

Garcon had the #27 PPG average among WRs even though he struggled with a foot injury throughout the year. Not counting his abbreviated return in Week 4 and Week 5 (4-44 combined) or his first game "back" in Week 11, Garcon posted 5.1-66-0.5 in eight other games (including the playoffs). That equates to #19 WR numbers. His foot is a red flag.

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