Pierre Garcon underwent labrum surgery

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Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon had surgery for a torn labrum after the season but his recovery has been "unbelievable," coach Mike Shanahan said Thursday.

Shanahan described the surgery as a "chest" procedure during his news conference Thursday. But in an interview with ESPN's "NFL Live" on Thursday, Garcon said the surgery was actually on his labrum, a type of cartilage in the shoulder joint. He didn't specify which shoulder was injured.

"It was a small surgery; it wasn't nothing major," Garcon told ESPN.

Garcon caught passes Thursday from quarterback Robert Griffin III, who is recovering from surgery to repair ligaments in his right knee. The two players worked with a group of players practicing apart from the rest of the team.

Shanahan said he expects Garcon to be cleared for training camp.

Fantasy Impact: 

Garcon had the #27 PPG average among WRs even though he struggled with a foot injury throughout the year. Not counting his abbreviated return in Week 4 and Week 5 (4-44 combined) or his first game "back" in Week 11, Garcon posted 5.1-66-0.5 in eight other games (including the playoffs). That equates to #19 WR numbers. There is a lot of upside here, but his ability to stay on the field is questionable.

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