Panthers WR Steve Smith hasn't asked for trade, doesn't know what to expect

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Panthers WR Steve L Smith on his future with the Panthers: "It's not me saying, 'Yes, I want a trade.' It's still a family matter, and when my family feels it's the appropriate time, our actions will show how we feel."

On rumors that he has asked to be traded: "First of all, have I demanded a trade? I have not demanded a trade. What I have asked for is to be in a competitive situation. I sat down with Marty a lot of times prior to the lockout. I am respected as a veteran amongst the players as well as the front office. So there has been dialogue (about his future in Carolina) prior to the lockout."

"I was never asked to sit down and weigh my future in Carolina. I was never approached by management or by Coach (Ron) Rivera to weigh my options or my future."

"I think it's important that people realize I am not packing my bags. As far as why my house is for sale, we built this huge house and we just don't have any business living in it. It seemed like a great idea, and then we moved into this big house. We started cringing at all that space we had. For me, it was a little bit vain that I have this big house with this big yard. People saw my house was on sale and said it was me sending a message. Really the message I sent was to my kids: Dad made a mistake."

"Do I expect to be traded? Really ... to be honest, I am not sure what to expect. That's the truth. Could I see a situation where I stay (in Carolina)? In my mind, I have played out every scenario: I could be moved, I could be cut, I could stay or I could be locked out. Honestly, my family and I are prepared for whatever steps are presented in front of us."

Fantasy Impact: 

Finally we get to hear from the horses mouth after weeks of speculation. There's a reasonable chance Smith remains in Carolina next season as the Panthers only play-making WR.

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