No telling what Eagles HC has planned for Vick - [Full Article]

Last Thursday against Jacksonville, Vick was included in six plays, none of them successive, all of them unconventional, an odd way to use a pedigreed Pro Bowl player.

Tomorrow night Vick will be used in concert with No. 2 quarterback Kevin Kolb. The Eagles will not use starters, Reid said. Kolb will start, Vick and A.j. Feeley will play in the second half.

Why not start Vick? Why even bother with Feeley?

Because commissioner Roger Goodell has indicated that Vick, who is only conditionally reinstated, could remain suspended into the regular season. Which means the non-suspended quarterbacks on the roster need work.

Kolb will be the team's backup and Feeley the No. 3 while Vick serves his expected suspension, which could last through Week 5.

While Vick was signed to be Weapon X, he was signed, too, to upgrade the roster. Having not played quarterback in more than 2 years, Vick, once the most dangerous man in shoulder pads, has plenty to show after less than 3 weeks practicing with the Eagles.

Reid anticipates progress, if not perfection.

"I think you'll see him probably play a little faster this week than he did last week," Reid said. "It was just a matter of getting him acclimated back into the speed of the game and then this week he'll have a chance to get in and get a few more reps."

How many? When?

Reid would not commit.

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