More confirmation Favre will be a Viking

Minneapolis Star Tribune - [Full Article]

Brett Favre told the AP today that he will give the Vikings an answer on whether he will play this season by the time the team opens training camp at the end of this month.

We’ve long expected that the answer is going to be ”I’m good to go.” Asked last week about whether Favre would be a member of the Vikings, I put it at 90%. After reading Favre’s quotes today, I’ve increased those odds to 99.9%.

Read between the lines of what Favre had to say — plus, the report of his performance from Chris Talbott of the AP — and it’s clear Favre’s second retirement is going to end like his first. Yes, Favre puts up a few caution flags in some of his comments but do you think Talbott would have described Favre as being “jovial” if the quarterback was having an abnormal amount of pain in his surgically repaired throwing arm?

Also, consider that Favre gave a lengthy interview after working out at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Miss. A dejected Favre would have been unlikely to stop and chat for an extended period. He also likely wouldn’t have added a Sunday workout to his schedule this week.

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