McGahee's hamstring no worse after rough night vs. Jets - [Full Article]

Willis McGahee’s struggles — he picked up 18 yards on 12 carries and didn’t have a run longer than six yards — were endemic of the Broncos' running back corps as a whole. McGahee, Lance Ball, Spencer Larsen and Jeremiah Johnson combined for 47 yards on 25 carries. Johnson bobbled an option pitch from Tim Tebow that resulted in a seven-yard loss, while McGahee lost a fumble.

“That shouldn’t happen,” McGahee said.

While it wasn’t a banner night for McGahee on an individual basis, he didn’t make the healing hamstring worse by playing.

“And I’m surprised by that,” McGahee admitted. “It did a great job. I’m not sore or anything. I’m very pleased with it.”

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